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  1. Hi all, Has anyone done false ceiling with down lights / spot lights and did not get any of the dining table lights? I'm not too keen on installing the dining lights as it makes the location of the dining table very inflexible. Just need to know if the down lights / spot lights would be bright enough. Thanks!
  2. Nespresso! Can continuously make 10 cups (vs having to clean up the powder after every cup), no mess, no fuss, 16 different flavours packed individually (keeps it fresh too!) so you don't have to finish a packet of powder before opening another one. The aerocinno that comes with it churns out perfect milk at the perfect temperature at a press of a button. Get the Citiz (you can decide whether you want the aerocinno separately or together) coz the rest of the models can't put tall glasses for lattes. Unless you always take espresso. Haha I can go on and on about the goodness of Nespresso, but go see it for yourself! They have a counter at Taka and a boutique at ION. You can ask them for a sample (which was what totally won us over). Our Nespresso machine is our favourite buy in the entire house!
  3. I do not think your logic of "if you want a big dog then you need to live in a big house" makes sense. It's like saying if you do not have a big house, you do not have the right to have a big dog. My neighbour has a huge house, but I have never seen them walk the dog before, and the poor dog is chained to a miserable corner. Big house = loved dog? I don't think so. And if you think that it's too much of a hassle to deal with the condo management, you probably don't have the right to call yourself a dog lover.
  4. Baby termites? Get a professional pest control to at least take a look. Don't risk it. Termites are the worst to have.
  5. Hi, We bought quite a few furniture from OM, but our place is not completed yet so can't comment on the after sales services. You might also want to drop by OM's flagship store at Joo Seng. Understand from their staff that most of the items can be seen at Joo Seng, but there are a few exclusive items at Liang Court. Here's the address for Joo Seng. Flagship Store 134 Joo Seng Road Level 2 Nobel Design House Singapore 368359 6235 0777
  6. Hi shespawn, I found this in the AVA website: Licensing of dogs for residential premises other than HDB premises For premises other than HDB premises, not more than three dogs are allowed per premises. Special permission must be obtained from AVA to keep more than three dogs. So I think the "subject to individual premises" is for more than 3 dogs?
  7. You can try OM. We got our sofa from there, but haven't delivered yet coz house not ready, so still can't comment on the maintenance issue. The fabric sofas are usually velcro at the bottom, so you can take out the entire cover to wash. They had a sale over the weekend, not sure if it's still on. The website's a little outdated, but you can take that as reference. http://www.om-home.com/index.asp They have two branches. The flagship store is at Joo Seng Road, more variety there. The other outlet is at Liang Court, not as much variety, but some exclusive items only seen there. So you might want to see both! Hope the info helps!
  8. Hi samgalz, Noticed that you're getting your electrical appliances from Gain City. Actually the prices there may not be the most competitive. If you don't need installments you can try giving *spam a call. Believe some of the items there may be cheaper. Just quote the model number. *spam Electrical Trading 159 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 #01-534 64582531
  9. Guys, relax. We know there are pet owners who will go all out to fight for their pets. We also know that there are people who have had bad experiences with animals. For dog owners, let's be responsible. Leash our furkids when we're out for walks. If you really want to unleash your dog, bring them to the dogruns. Good chance for them to socialise too. For non dog owners, please do not assume that all pet owners are irresponsible and that we are out to make life difficult for you. There will still be irresponsible pet owners around no matter what. And do not blame the dogs for being out of control. As I have said before, there are never bad dogs, only bad owners. Let's just agree to live together in harmony ok?
  10. We bought two mirrors during the sale. Original price was $99, sale price was $49. So we quickly got them although our place is still under renovation. Today I was there for lunch, saw the that mirror is now going for $39!
  11. Yes we understand that some people might have a fear of dogs (like how I'm afraid of cats). But it's not fair that people just make a sweeping assumption that all big dogs are fierce and will bite. It's all about training and understanding the dogs. There are never bad dogs, only bad owners. Mm anyway not sure about approaching our condo management. Based on past experience, they can be quite anal about following guidelines and rules. Perhaps we should look for the owners with the big dogs in the estate first, and see what they say.
  12. Thanks Phantom. Yes that's what we really want to know. That day we were going back to check on renovations then saw the notice on the board and got quite upset. They can't expect us to remove our dog just like that. I mean, one of the reasons we wanted to get a condo was so that our dog can stay with us! Anyway I'm hoping some other condo owners can advice us on this. At least we can be prepared before we move in.
  13. Hi all, Would appreciate if you do not use this as a forum to complain about other pet owners. Our original question is whether legally they can do anything to our dog in this situation. I ensure that he's on a leash everytime he's out of the house, I clean up after him, I do not let him approach strangers or kids. He does not bark, neither has he jumped up on anybody. And get your facts right, Golden Retrievers are NOT required to be muzzled when they are out for their walks. Obviously people here have not experienced the unconditional love that pets can give. Pity.
  14. Haha we would have gotten a landed if we could afford it. Anyway we have seen a few golden retrievers and other large dogs in the estate, so does that mean that they do not have to seek the residents' opinions to get consensus before passing the by-law? And legally, what can they do if we still bring our dog back?
  15. Hi all, need some advice here. We were recommended this setup: Mitsubishi Starmex Non-Inverter 1. System 2, 12BTU + 9 BTU for MBR and study room respectively 2. Standalone unit 24BTU for living room What's the approximate price should we be looking at for this, including installation / site visits / upgrades etc?