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  1. Hi everyone and especially to those thinking of hiring Henry's service, just go for it. Henry is worth every penny is all I can say to those existing and potential customers. My house was done up by him two years ago and recently asked him to revisit my place for a small job and guess what my brothers and sisters? He came without skipping a beat. By the way, we didnt have any problem with Henry though the kitchen floor tilers were changed midway coz of some issues and very quickly, Henry replaced an equivalent and capable group of tilers that did a good job. I would not say his service is cheaper than others out there coz there are many cheap ones but i must warn that what you pay is what you get and his is quite reasonable. Got to make a profit otherwise what's the point of starting a business? And bro Henry and Simon, if you are reading this, Gong Hei Fatt Choi! My house is always a showcase of your work and drop me or my wife a note if you want to drop by. Regards from Sin Ming.
  2. By the way, another disappointing season ahead for Liverpool this season with the lack of funds to compete with the big boys. Hey, any club want to buy Lucas for 20M pounds?
  3. Nice house you got there, sis. Seems like Henry has done a good job to marshmallow land. Congrats! Hey brother Simon, Check your pm please. Cheers.
  4. Brother 3rdRockDweller Amazing! This will be one T blog to follow. Plenty of ideas here for those who loves woody stuff. Your house is cosy and beautifully done up. Congrats. Regards.
  5. Brother Simon, Definitely, cant showcase anything without professional help. Hey Marsh, I read in your T blog that you are preparing for the customary wedding during the weekend. Congrats and double congrats that you have shifted in already. Show us the pictures okay? Cheers.
  6. I just logged in and I see this great piece of news. Wow champion! Finally! Congrats to you! Happy cleaning during the long weekend. I will miss you. Cheers.
  7. Champion, long time no see and you are still the reigning Champion! I am going to take days to catch up where I left off the last time. Things look pretty good for you judging by your last post, keep updating us all. Cheers.
  8. Brother Jaskel, It seems to me that you are everywhere, small or big job, which is a good thing. Sis fiend, Congrats. The completion of your SOHO is not very far off. Cheers.
  9. Brother Small Carrot, Your story reminded me of Brother Fencer's plight and your situation sounded worse than his. I feel sorry for you but how could the condition be so bad just a day before you moved in? Surely Henry would have checked that everything's okay before handing it over to you, no? I have to agree that Henry's pricing is not cheap and neither is unreasonably expensive either, he has to make a living too, right? I am not sure how much he is charging you for the amount of work done but I think his pricing is fair relative to the market otherwise he wont be getting referrals. Yes, life is full of randomness. Anyhow, has it been resolved already? Regards.
  10. Hey Brother Simon, Nice pictures you got there, quite professional. Will you be able to come over and snap some pictures of my place once it is done up? By the way, there is no need to remain quiet in the background because of some noise. If Henry is good, then he is good and conversely, if Henry is bad, then he is bad. This is a platform for people like you and me to voice our honest opinions so don't let the noise worry you too much. Haha but I don't think you are anyway. And Thank You for pulling strings in the initial stage otherwise I am not sure where I can find a contractor like Henry. Regards.
  11. Hey Bro, love your MBR basin and tap. Guess moving in date is not too far off. Cheers.
  12. Hey Man Utd fan! For once, I thought the t-blog has transcended into some cooking blog instead until I saw the pictures above. Nice job, it's like new. Cheers.
  13. Hey sam, that's good news. Congrats! Cheers.