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  1. Hi guys Just wonder does anyone knows where i can get YTL bedroom locks. i cant seem to get them.. and the others locks dont seem to fit the pre drill door hole
  2. i diy my own metal rack ... using the same design i got from those leftlets damage 60+
  3. the 1/4" is the water piping. the rest are for the copper piping... i had upgrade to 1/2" insulation does it means that all the copper pipings insulation must be at least 1/2"? as for the expose copper piping is it normal? should all the copper piping be cover till the blower unit? this particular room trunking the copper piping is at least 1 ft is expose in the trunking.
  4. Hi Guys Just went to my new unit to inspect the A/C trunking installation which took place yesterday as i am working and had my friend to open door for them. I had taken some of the pic to seek some advise. I had upgrade my insulation to 1/2in thick Pic 1 Pic 2 but i cant seem to see any insulation mentioning 1/2in. The insulation are wraping around 2 copper piping and a PVC piping which i believe is drainage. when mentioning 1/2in insulation do they mean that the 1/2in insulation are wraping around the 2 copper piping? Pic 3 the last pic shown is the 2 copper piping expose i had opened the trunking to take a clearer pic as they are at least 1 to 1.5ft expose. Is this a norm? I would like to seek advise for those who have install A/C is this a common thing? Before i ask the sales person.
  5. we have the same layout... i suppose you are at blk 208 to 209
  6. my cat clear all the pest in my house... and keep mu leg warm when the weather is cold "Xiao Qiang" etc ...
  7. i brought my wardrobe and cowhide 3 seater with recliner during the show... you need to display your bargain skill there.... just dont paid the full amount will do...
  8. not sure if you heard of this place Dragon Kiln Village it is off jalan bahar... beside PIE.
  9. i am at 209 area compassvale lane ...
  10. hi ollie do u have the address of the shop u mention in Pandan?
  11. sunny03

    Changing Of Job

    exit interview tmr... using the marriage leave to paint my house starting work next month... any PT lobang ???
  12. is there any other lighting shop in johor area ??? went in today to get KDK fan found out that this tampoi shop selling KDK fan more expensive then what i brought..
  13. if it not wrong most of them charge RM 200 for leve RM 250 for transportation RM 80 for custom form not to forget 7% GST. i got mine from HomeLife and intend to delivery around sept. p/s there is a furniture Expo at persoda again on 2 to 4 jun.