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  1. My contractior recommended me pledge furniture spray, but I haven't tried.
  2. Firstcare agency. Few hundred I think.
  3. Hi. You can buy those woodstain product from homefix. It can cover some scratches. Will harden because it contains some wax. Or you can get those wood stain crayons from daiso. Daiso got sell. If you want it to be nice, then maybe can get professional to polish lightly and revarnish.
  4. Yes, my relative used mike piper. It worked, but that was many years ago.
  5. Hi, my previous place had this problem. We got pest control people to fumigate and we repainted the walls with anfi-fungal paint. I guess my place was a bit wetter because we didn't have lots of sunlight coming in. Once you get rid of the mold, you will get rid of the booklice.
  6. Depends on how big your storeroom is and how big you want and long you want...L shape, U shape or just I shape? Mine is slighty under than $500, but my soon to be exneighbour did hers for $300 plus. Was told can withstand 120 kg per level, so I got them without regrets knowing I will maximise my usage.
  7. Call a firm called "Asuka" or something like that. Or call the company that sells Corian.
  8. Call Gawa for quote. They come to your place to show you brochure and to measure, then quote you the price. I ordered from them on the spot. I just got mine from Gawa, service not bad. Very sturdy... 62896393
  9. Thanks beany0811! I have surfed the website, however, I want those cute ones, tastefully designed kind.
  10. Oh ok. Thanks. I'll look into it. I have no idea what kinda design I want yet.
  11. I think place near the window, so the walkway can be bigger...makes your place bigger also...but depends on your house layout also lah. I'm going to place my L shape sofa near the window when it arrives.
  12. Last time, my parent's old 4 room only like 25k or 27k nia...30 years ago. Sigh.
  13. I don't think Mr Ong minds doing small jobs because he kept telling me if I need his help for any electrical needs next time, can call him. But he has a day job doing electrical work and may have to pop by in the night to do for you. I was lucky that he could come in the day.
  14. I'm thinking of getting black marble, there got sell? Cos I tried to google for afos after you mentioned it. All I saw was white marble. Initially, I want to get white marble but I saw black marbletop on a kitchen cabinet at my id showroom just now..black marble also very nice wor.
  15. Hi, Initially I bought 3+2 leather sofa and it was really good and later on, mites (Those you see in old books) started to appear on the sofa and we even used insecticide on it and they were still staying put...so many of them... I guess we had to polish the leather often so that mold wouldn't grow, thus won't have the mites that feed on mold. Maybe we were just very "suay" Subsequently, I changed to a PVC set and all was well. Easy to maintain. No mites and tears in seat for 3 years until now.