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  1. leather sofa, 2 seater – white, good condition 160cm length x 88cm depth $200 call desmond at 9-seven-92-8600
  2. DIY shops should have magnetic strips in a roll, not so sure whether they have it in full strip lengths though, or how about the arts & crafts shops?
  3. Mr Mckenic – clears chockage (jelly) in aircon drainage pipe Is your aircon unit dripping / leaking? Either at the Fan Coil Unit (blower) or along the pipe joints / openings? One of the possible reasons is due to chockage (accumulation of dirt) in the outlet drainage pipe – contractors like to call this “jelly” formation, don’t ask me why. Once this happens, the water formed by condensation at the Fan Coil Unit is unable to flow out smoothly and will cause leakage at the points where there’s gaps or holes in the tube. Usually, if installed properly, each aircon system should only have 2 holes in the drainage outlet system (1 being at the end where water flows out to main pipes and 1 at the start connected to the Fan Coil Unit – near the bottom). We recently encountered this and went out to look for a simple solution to clear the chockage. Here’s what we did. 1 – Isolate the possible place of chockage 2 – Turned off aircon (duh!) – for safety reasons, turn off at Main Circuit Board or isolator (near the outdoor compressor unit). Leave it off for some time so remaining water in the pipe can clear out. 3 – Went to (eat lunch first then) nearest Home-Fix DIY shop and purchased Mr Mckenic Choke Clear (S$16.50) 4 – Followed the instructions on the product label and poured around 1/4 bottle solution into the pipe, wait for at least 30 minutes to take effect. 5 – Here’s something extra – we purchased a small diameter plastic tube (around $1 per meter) and used it as a flexible hose to insert into the drainage pipe to try to “push out” any remaining accumulated dirt (aka jelly) in the pipe. Aircon’s been turned on for sometime already and no leak yet (usually leaks within 15 minutes). Seems like the problem has been resolved! Total Time = 90 minutes Total Cost = $20 = $16.50 + $3.50 (for 3m plastic tube) Article source - http://www.singaporerealestate.info/blog/2011/07/27/mr-mckenic-clears-chockage-jelly-in-aircon-drainage-pipe/
  4. what's this company name? for reference sake ... so we can be careful in future =)
  5. they carry many types of door knobs, handles, hinges ... very good place to visit
  6. hi, wondering if anyone knows of shops that will buy back rosewood furniture? we have a set of rosewood furniture to sell away - includes dining set, tv cabinet, display cabinet, and some other smaller pieces please leave contact here or PM if you know shops / people who are interested to buy can see and quote before decide thanks
  7. 1. agents shouldn't be pushy. job is to advice the client properly 2. let the tenants decide and offer .. part of negotiation. don't buy before there's any commitment from tenant 3. LOI should be signed first and TA is usually quite standard. minor changes may occur but as long as it's just difference in wording and not meaning, then it's fine 4. LOI must have "TA signed by XXX days" 5. there usually is no such thing as a pre-termination clause. the formal term is diplomatic clause and it only applies to foreigners (because if they are not allowed to work here, they are not allowed to stay here). early termination may sometimes be used for cases such as purchase of property by tenant 6. yes, don't rush, agent should explain the situation to both parties about the difficulty in timing .. and both sides be more accomodating ... such as just settle for the really necessary stuff (light, bed, appliances) and the rest goes in a week later
  8. Perhaps you would like to check out our article here on "why" you really need an exclusive agent http://www.singaporerealestate.info/blog/2...-your-property/ An agent's job is to help you - help you get a good price, help you minimise the hassle of sale, help to advice you on the correct process & procedures (to prevent hiccups & headaches later) You don't have to engage us as your agent. Just saying that you should get an agent, and make sure this person is someone you can trust and will protect your interests. We understand many of the buyers and sellers concerns regarding the unprofessional agents and also do hope the industry changes that come along this year will help to improve the standards of agents in our real estate industry. Best of luck in your sale.
  9. Specially prepared - A list of Executive Condos in Singapore (and high $PSF) ... still looking quite attractive =)