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  1. Can try the Small Claim Courts which hears disputes for contracts of residential premises that do not exceed 2 years.
  2. where did you get the 3Com switch from ? Not commonly seen in IT shops ...
  3. If its a new house, just ask the electrician to do it for you. Its like installing a phone lines. Phone lines uses Cat 3 cables. Network cables are Cat 5/5e/6. Same concept.
  4. The last time i went there this year, they only see the cables. But you got to terminate the cables yourself.
  5. The plot ratios (or land intensity use) has increased for most plots of land. It is therefore not surprising to find the use of sky terraces or sky parks etc. Marketing strategy is to collect as many cheques as possible before the VIP launch, so that you can declare that your condo is well received on the actual VIP launch day.
  6. Existing GFA is 1400 sqft. And the house is easily 50 years old ? What's the land size ? Plot ratio in masterplan ? Many other searches to do ... road reserve lines etc
  7. You need to check with URA whether the plot of land can be sub-divided .... Also, need to check what's the existing GFA.
  8. Hmm ... How come he always threaten with legal action so many times one ?
  9. Check with your bank first ... Your bank may have a nominated law firm for discharge of mortage - if different, you end up having to pay 2 law firms ...
  10. For purchase of properties, it depends on your liking .. whether you like new or resale. I personally like new properties for owner occupancy. For rental, i dont mind getting a resale unit. 820 psf. Pricing always has to do with the cost of land and construction cost. Construction cost is bound to increase over the next few years. Final pricing to take into account of developer profit, cost escalation for construction, insurance, land financing etc. Property development is a high risk industry and the profits commensurate with the risk involved ... Livia 99yrs 6xx psf, Estuary 99 yrs 7xx psf, Dakota 99 yrs initially 9xx psf, now Dakota Waterfront 11xx psf I saw an interesting mickey mouse apartment near Farrer Park MRT. About 24 units about 4xx sf size - hotel room sizes. Only one lift. No parking available. Furnishing is homogenous tiles for entire flat. Roof top has swimming pool/gym and penthouse. There are also balconies for each unit. Quantum is low about psf is high
  11. Usually no ... cos the window company is the sub-contractor of the main contractor ... The main contractor doesnt mind if the owner co-ordinates himself directly ... saves him time and scheduling problems but can collect referral fee from sub-contractor
  12. My tap doesnt have that sound. Could it be because of air in the pipes ?
  13. You can look at the sample contracts from CASE and RADAC for renovation ....