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  1. my new home has no direct sunlight, and kitchen with upper floor neighbours throwing porridge; so we have to do indoor drying too (cos we don't wanna leave them along the corridor. we use UIC (gonna try TOP when we finished UIC ). it usually takes 2 days to dry. i pushed my mobile laundry rack to the living room on the 2nd day cos that's the only place with better daylight (not SUNlight) and we have a ceiling fan. i tend to add a bit more detergent cos i know what smell you guys are talking about (i experienced it during the second wash in my new home ). for sweaty/soiled clothes that does not coincide with my laundry days, i wash it by hand and hang out to dry, and then dump it into the washing machine again during the next laundry day.
  2. jeda

    Mini Reno

    buying fans now. what's the diff between 45W and 60W power consumption? higher the better? TIA.
  3. after the musty smell bye bye, the vinegar smell will still linger? this is my first set of cabinet which i inherited from the previous owner - still in good condition except the lower cabinet have musty smell. what bad habits should i avoid to prevent future musty smell? Thirsty hippo for wardrobe is ok, but kitchen cabinet? TIA.
  4. paisay, is ask electrician for lighting (L-box) or fan installer to check? check already can have what recourse?
  5. Will let you know after handover k? in any case, my one is super small job nia, so to be fair, may not be representative/fair opinion in the first place with regards to workmanship and design ideas ; but work-attitude wise of workers and keeping to schedule, i give them thumbsup. if everything swee swee (beautiful beautiful) handover, my verdict will be, if i going to reno my unit again (ie revamp my toilet/kitchen which i did not do this time round), i will go back to the same people again cos 'work with unfamiliar might as well work with familiar' as renovation in itself sure will give some headaches de .
  6. KSJL, will you be able to post your curtain pic again? thanks.
  7. Speed 1 not much wind; mainly for circulation only. Speed 2 moderate; will probably be using it cos Speed 3 is really fast. Directly below is cooling and if stand a distance away, can only blow the feet. My living room is small, so anything more than 44" will be like having helicopter blade above our head.
  8. yes, kdk A11ys has limited coverage and about 45degree (dunno if you get what i mean). good enuf for me cos i dont need it to circulate my whole room (for the moment) and only need it to cool the sofa location which is directly below the fan. my living room so small and ht so low, so not much choice actually.
  9. hi, thanks for your response. after you had installed, please share if there are any visible/exposed safety wire outside the fan unit; mine does not have.
  10. hi, i am now towards the tail end of my reno and am looking at curtains. will you be able to share pics of your curtains that are done by jason? TIA!. was not able to send you a pm...dunno what's wrong...
  11. most of the pic in the iphone are about defects and those swee swee (beautiful beautiful) pics are in my camera that i have yet to upload (long overdue!). quite busy cos doing spot checking almost everyday (kiasu ah! ). mine is not a big job, so quite limited pic. you revamping your whole place? didn't see your t-blog around...or did i miss it? will pm you when i done up my blog upon handing over this week. if you in a rush, you can pm me for more details.
  12. jeda

    Mini Reno

    Day 11 - Sunday As we are meeting the ID on Monday to go through our concerns, we dropped by on Sunday to do a through check. We found out another blunder which very fortunately is reversible. Ruin husband's mood totally though. Cleaners came to wash up the place. Day 12 - Monday Fan installers from our lighting people were late; punctuality is our concern cos we need to rush in-between to fetch our kids from school; luckily we had made alternative childminding arrangements earlier. They tuned our lights to get rid of the humming sound too.Adjusted our crooked downlight metal border too. However, while i rummaged through the box which they discarded when they left, i found the instruction manual and a bag of bolts/hook - did not see any exposed safety wire as illustrated in the manual, though the lighting people confirmed (via my phone call) that the safety device is inside the fan. Went through our concerns with the ID coordinator; very humble guy; not defensive. ID arrived next; ran through our concerns. As I have yet to see the workmanship of any of their other projects of similar colour scheme, i just have to conclude that my expectations are too high. Husband totally accepted their explanation on how the end product appear the way it is; I learnt a lesson on the downside of choosing a white-themed fitout. Quite surprised though that we as laymen are expected to know technical specs of materials. Am I too much a perfectionist to expect a lot for such a small job? Had some minor addition to configuration of fitting out work and informed them to replace 2 defective doors. Despite the hiccups, totally appreciate their effort in working within a tight schedule for us to move in asap. Will share my pics when this reno journey comes to a close.
  13. for us, about 2 weeks after contract signing then we were given the perspective for our cabinet. you probably should call to fix the next appointment.