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  1. hi all, i am back to this forum again as my QS trimmings came off (after 2 years plus) and i was thinking of contacting the sales person to come and look see. Was so surprised to see that the sales person, Andy, is a scammer! good thing i finished my reno with him back in 2010 but now there is no distributor for QS, there is no more guarantee on my floor laminate (and trimmings)..... anyone has recommendations to fix the laminate trimmings? It was glued down and now the glue came off which also damaged the original trimmings. Thanks in advance!
  2. hi ecclesia, Actually i think all sales ppl like to badmouth other brands, just that some are more serious while some are milder. Anyway, I have finally moved into my house and enjoying my QS flooring! Its really nice and much easier to maintain compared to my homogenous tiles! And I think my sales person is quite good too, reasonably responsive even after the laminates are laid and $ paid. If you are still interested in QS, you can PM me and I'll pass you my salesperson contact.
  3. hi guys, anyone bot PD door from http://www.swingslide.com.sg/contactus.html ? I paid a deposit for my PD door (installed at toliet) and on the day of installation, they actually realise that they manufacture it wrongly! And the installer told me that my sales guy would call me to reschedule. For two days, I tried to contact him but to no avail until I called his co number. And it feel as if he's just trying to brush me aside and he just tell me he'll schedule another installation date for me and would call me back, but i insisted on having a certain installation date. His after sales service is not very impressive. Sigh, I hope that this time round, the right door would arrive and installation is smooth.....very worried they burst my water pipes like what some shared here....
  4. Hi all, Thanks for the advice! Yes, I got original trimmings but not the skirting. Anyway I have come to accept the tonal differences, since it can't be helped. We actually preferred titanax's type of consistent tone.... We wanted a light colour flooring... Turned out the one we chose is darker than we expected, should have opt for titanax's colour . But like what you guys say, its still very lovely! I like the long and big planks used....and the feel when stepping on it. As for the direction, I think their basis is ok lah, since it may be abit weird if they lay perpendicular to door entrance, and the planks will be all pointing out at whoever is looking into the room. Thanks all for sharing your advice.... really appreciate this forum!
  5. Hi, Thanks for providing the thread. Here are my pics! Please comment if you think the laminate direction and toning is normal. I think the sales guy meant that they do not bring in the same skirting as my laminate so they used the next best matching (in terms of colour) skirting to install? Is this normal? Did you get the same skirting as the laminate you ordered? Thanks for the advice!
  6. Hi manutd, I wanna post pictures but I do not know how to and I cannot find any instructions on the forum? Could you teach me? Sorry for being a noob. Anyway, the QS staff called back and explained that they have installed it based on the door entrance, as what you have said! And the running tone is indeed unavoidable, he is even willing to bring me to another customer's site to verify that. I suppose no customer wants it to be a consistent tone except us. And the skirting they provided are not original, is yours the same? They said that the original must be ordered especially and very expensive.
  7. Hi hi, I got questions regarding the laying of laminates. Quickstep recently came to lay laminates at our place and we did not go down to supervise. Turned out to be an unpleasant surprise when we realise the following:- 1) The direction in laying of planks is not consistent for all rooms, not sure of their basis but we would prefer the planks to be laid along the length of the room and perpendicular to the windows (light source). 2) There are running tones in the laminates. Some dark some light across the entire room, like "parquet" style. We thought it would be a consistent tone/colour and so the lines wont be that obvious. Would like your advice 1) What direction do you lay your laminates and why? 2) Is it normal to have running tone? The QS staff told me its unavoidable, not sure how true. Thanks in advance!
  8. Yes, its sliding windows... Our contractor came back and says he forgot to inform us that its 6 panels windows and he is ok to change it back to 4 panels for us if we dun like it. But I think we'll just stick to it since we get more wind from 6 panels. Thanks! =)
  9. Hi all, need your advice urgently. Our contractor sourced sliding windows for us and installed it recently. To our horror, we realise that he has installed a 6 panels windows in our living room instead of 4. He had not asked for our preference and when I asked him if there is any decisions to make regarding windows, he say the designs are standard and no worries. I totally forgot that windows can have 6 panels n simply assume 4 panels like the rest of the bedrooms. Is it reasonable that we ask the contractor to change the windows to 4 panels? But we are also mentally prepared that he's not going to change it for us FOC. So my next question is what's the pros of 6 panels vs 4 panels? We like 4 panels cos the windows look nicer when it's bigger. Sigh, hope to hear some comments here. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi all, I am trying to create a shower seat in my master bedroom toliet but realised that its too small to accomodate one! So i am thinking of those foldable seat like in the site below....any one have any comments teak shower bench? And anyone know where I can find such benches in SG? Thanks for the help in advance! http://www.teakworks4u.com/products/benches/wm_benches.asp
  11. Hi all, Thanks for the all the advice! Think I dun have patience to go brief every contractor on my specifications, view their worksite, and also see if I get along well with them! Really so many factors to consider when engaging contractor. I agree with all that price is not everything, must look at other factors too. Sigh, so I bargain and talk to the contractor and finally manage to cut by another 3K. But i will take out some carpentry works and futher reduce my costs. I am also thinking of outsourcing some works like windows, floorings, main door, carpentry etc. but not sure whether my current quote is on the high side or not. May have to do some research there. Anyway to be fair, my 5I is the old HDB flat type so its rather big at 137sqm. Maybe thats why my quotation is so high.
  12. Hi Brownzukini, Thanks. I will go around to look for quotations. But actually we are pretty anxious to start the reno. Cos we actually waited very long for the flat (signed the OTP since Feb this year) but due to various reasons, we only got our keys in Aug. So we hope to start our reno asap. This whole contractor-sourcing exercise is really tiring.
  13. Hi darth vader, After your post, I have read up on intradesign and saw the many good reviews. Do you think he could work within my budget? Does it help if I mention your post when we contact Dave? Thanks!
  14. Hi Chronograph, Thanks for your kind words. We were wondering whether our budget is too low for contractors and $60K is certainly not small sum to us. And after adding on aircon, electrical wirings and other furnishing, it would at least come to another $15K. So its really very siong for us. Maybe we will go source for some recommended contractors in this forum and do more comparisons before deciding.
  15. Hi JeanL, Thanks for your recommendation of Closet Design. We will check on that for our wardrobes but I'm sure it will not be cheaper though workmanship should be better