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  1. I decided to just go with Genesis - hope its ok. It looks exactly the same as the one I have at home now from Easy Hanger, but the easy hanger pple quoted me 2.5X the price of what I paid for 7 yrs ago and insisted that I can do a wall mount since my walls are parallel to the rods and not perpendicular. I think that's just silly cos its a matter of fabricating a bracket that can do the same thing. I've put the photos of the Genesis hanger which I took at their factory and the one am using now. Any feedback is appreciated My current system genesis system
  2. Agree with you. I started looking for "pure" contractor but every Tom Dick & Harry calls themselves an ID nowadays, even those "uncle" types from the boondocks. But surprisingly when I called for quotes from "pure" contractors and IDs the cost is very very similar, so I went with someone who was able to understand my needs (plus speak decent English cos my CL2 is half past six and my Hokkien even worse). So I think we have to face it, in this day and age, just use an ID. Benefit is that they will help you co-ordinate and you only have one person you need to shout or scold rather than screaming and chasing 10 different sub-contractors...
  3. Have PM you the contact So far so good, work is progressing as planned - I think I'll start a little reno-blog of my own so those who are interested can view - this forum has been an essential tool in helping me source for stuff so its good if I share my experiences with others as well
  4. Hi Rawmeat, can you explain why you say genesis is like "ferrari"? I had used Easy Hanger (used their authorised distributor in IMM), very similar to Genesis and the strings always get stuck and I have to re-align as well. Not sure if that is what you mean by Genesis always breaking down. I am looking for the manual retractable ceiling type, and need to mount using brackets to wall, but Easy Hanger is unable to do the brackets I require (plus their brackets now cost 3 times more than what they charged me years back for my old system) and only Genesis is able to fabricate their own brackets. Some helpful advice would be nice!
  5. Hi has anyone purchased sofas from St Louis before? Am thinking of getting a fabric sofa set - the showroom piece is uncomfortable but they claim if you upgrade to the one with spring it will be ok. I tried another set with spring in it but still not that comfortable as their leather sofas (but I want the fabric look)