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  1. Hello all Wah....been a long time i MIA, so much happening and I miss you guys...hee hee! Other than the tongs...are there anything else I can contribute? Maybe the famous Jelly, chicken curry or fruit salad or anything? Let me know ya...
  2. The views, the food and hotel
  3. Oh, dun worry too much abt pet fur, although it may be one of the trigger factors. And I noticed that my son didn't sneeze when around pets, so it's not much of a problem. Apparently the biggest culprit for him is the reno dust, especially on a hot day. I think the gas that u mention is the nebuliser lah. Yup, he's back to his usual noisy self...even at the hospital he's still his usual self....singing out loud the Thomas song at 1am in the ward and making "eyes" at some pretty nurses and doctors Ya lor, still got reno going on....the drillings, the tile cutting, the knocking, and the whole works! I think they're rushing in time for CNY and by then hopefully will have lesser noise and dust flying around. My vaccuum cleaner has been working overtime ever since
  4. more than 100 pages oredi Ever since my son got discharged from KKH few weeks ago, wow...gotta alot to catch up. Finally, after 3 incidents of bronchiolitis, and after the 4th time at the A&E he's finally diagnosed as having allergic rhinitis that resulted in asthma exercabation. Funny how when me & hubby have no family history of asthma, major allergies or even allergic rhinitis and/or sinusitis at all At the hospital, I had to repeat and repeat to at least 4 doctors from the A&E right up to the ward doctors, of his symptoms and history since the 1st incident. After they took a nose swab from my son, turned out that he's got allergic rhinitis and the main trigger factor was the renovation dusts and paint fumes from neighbours downstairs doing reno back-to-back since mid-2007 to date !! But he's ok now.....still running, jumping about, being his cheeky self And he has to use the asthma preventer twice daily now, instead of 6 hourly of Ventolin few weeks ago.
  5. Apple, I'm afraid this Saturday's cooking session have to postpone liao.:paisey: Didn't inform u all earlier. 16 Feb is fine for me though.
  6. Hee hee, the brochure that I have the pricing is in SGD lah Ok, for example..... Chrome shelves: W91cm x D30cm is S$25.45 Chrome poles: 46cm tall is S$8.15 per pole So total price is S$58.05 can get at HSW Parkway Parade. Not sure if GST already included or not though. As for the US$37 item that you're aiming at, is it inclusive of shipping?
  7. I think the next closest thing u can get is from Howard's Storage World - Easy Build Shelving System. Prices are in Australian $ as you can from the website. I have the brochure with me. What's the size that you're looking at?
  8. Yes, it is possible to laminate over the bedroom doors. Cost me $540 just for labour+laminates to get all 3 original HDB-issued bedroom doors done, using the same laminate type (textured woodgrain laminate) for some of the carpentry works in my house. So that the whole look and feel is synchronous with the rest. Before door laminated: After door laminated:
  9. Oh, i see. Should you ever consider chrome in the future, get those with PVD finish. Costs more but definitely more durable, easier to maintain & doesn't peel off like its cheaper chrome-plated cousins. !!
  10. Bought all bathroom accessories (shelves, towel rails, towel/robe hooks, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder) for both bathrooms from Equip Design (in Plaza S'pura) as well as from a shop(can't recall the name) in B1 at Park Mall. Cost me a bomb !! but for me it's worth it. So far just need to use water and clean dry towel to dry & buff once or twice weekly. Stainless steel for aesthetics purposes?
  11. Yup, i do agree with Phantom and the rest. Most importantly is the appliances' dimensions and weight that have to be factored in also. For eg. for homeowners who intend to do washing machine base, of course the tiler needs to know the appliances estimated size first. Likewise for the fridge. If intending to have built-in appliances such as ovens, dishwashers, wine coolers, freezer drawers, etc., it is critical that such appliances and the carpentry materials used are suitable & durable for built-in capacity. And should an oven be placed on a suspended wall cabinet, what is it's gross weight? Can the carpentry take its weight in the long run? !!
  12. It's a Saturday, right? Sure, let me earmark that date first hor. Aiyah, anywhere anytime can make baby lah....just need to add a dash of creativity and passion :lol: Bro, so how the jelly? Merry Christmas everyone!!
  13. Other than the jelly...how abt Grilled Pineapple and Chicken Foccacia Sandwich?