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  1. Yeap cause nearer to street level ma. Got sad news...my living room tiles popped up. Anyone gena the same thing? Now the 1 yr warranty over Liao, wonder if they would still rectify it. Anyone got experience?
  2. dun think so ba most prob organisers are the RC pple ba
  3. Hi! I am also interested in a sofa from Westpoint. How are your reviews with them?
  4. hmmm it depends if u cook a lot of not...else a big kitchen also not much use. for your 2 units unfortunately i cannot comment much cause i am in 989a
  5. yea..with all the dust......scary. Anyway, saw u @ Habour Front last sat....waved at you but i think i din see me
  6. that's true...even though if HDB is willing to redo all my hollow tiles and redo all the parquet.........how to shift out all the furniture?? Unless u move out den they come and they den u move in again lor....... sigh.........**** HDB....... Anyone got problem with hollow tiles? or just problems with parquet? Anyway, been long since i seen u all liao.....how is everyone?
  7. that's tempting leh.......and also show him my hollow tiles...... U got hollow tiles also?
  8. my parquet flooring also getting several hollow spots liao......sians.....and some of my hall tiles are also hollow liao....... Wonder wat is going on?? our floors sinking?!?!?
  9. oh ya! am using SH BB @ home.....but the reception quite poor. Had to literally put the dongle on my window sill to get good reception else will DC frequently. Was thinking to change to M1 BB but.....heard it ain't too good... Problem is i change to M1 for my mobile svc and the reception is much better liao........
  10. Ya ya! WXB ah, that time play with him stress sia..... i think i got it for about 200 to 300 plus i think. but very very good...until now i never clean it or empty the water @ from the drainage tray before and no rust. But combine with the 3M stainless steel cleaner, it is goot goot de. yea......where is everybody.....heehee......u still recitifying things?! after 1 year they still entertain you?
  11. hey hey!! i am here! how is everybody????so far the starhub recept for mobile broadband is bad @ my house and i got to dangle the dongle on the window ledge