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  1. I don’t think the ID will be badly affected until he would end up as beggar but he could have more business if he was more responsible. He thought he could get away but he was wrong. I also believe his reputation will suffer with the 800 viewers or even more. After all renovation business is very competitive and reputation counts. He could change whatever he can, but is still a cost to him. Eventually he will pay certain price for his improper doing. This forum will not be the only public network that I will share my bad experiences of the ID.
  2. Hi gimz I would have to disagree with you. People write about good IDs to credit their services, it is also important to sound off on bad IDs. If the intention is to shame, I can do better than this. My 1st post, I did not release his details but only ask for advice. I think 500 viewers is already a good start to raise public awareness. I assume an ID could earn 2-3K from a job. It only takes one people decide not to use the ID and he will suffer more lost, not only in term of monetary but also reputation. Only dim-witted IDs believe they can get away. Singapore would not have progress so fast if the people have low expectation. Expectation is one driver of improvement.
  3. He actually agreed to pay after the incdient but it never happen. And he even thick skin to ask for his outstanding payment. Of course I refuse to pay until he settle my lost (but the balance was not sufficient). I think is fair to protect my interest given what he had put me thru. After a few months, he claimed he offered but I refuse and avoid all responds. I was upset but not mad in the beginning. I understand no body want it to happen. But it was his attitude that slowly puts me off. There was no sign of apology after the incident and kept trying to protect own interest. It was obvious he was not genuine to pay.
  4. I told him about the items and he said he will take care....(anyway was my foolishness to trust) I am not upset or angry anymore. Is not about $$$, just feel a bit unsatisfied and do not wish the ID could just get away like this. In fact it was CASE who advice me to post to forum. Wish you "haut" J I don’t gamble..
  5. The advice of uninstall came too late T_T but thanks. I did not sentence him to death. I allow him to try buy back the same TV, try claim my insurance….all I could do to reduce his and my lost. But when all won’t help, he accuse and say I did not take his offer to pay back the TV amount… basically he was buying time and in the end ignore me. My friend said I was too nice….(or too dumb)
  6. I will not waste time argue with those extraneous examples. I respect your opinion if you are not one sided. When you engage in a business, there are certain expectations that should be fulfilled. Keeping the house in secure condition was not excessive expectation. Such expectation protects house owner interest and the ID. I expect the ID to continue provide good service to resolve issue after the incident, not escape responsibility by saying busy, ignore respond and even accuse me. The bottom line is the ID was unprofessional and irresponsible, main reason of my unsatisfactory. Let the potential customers judge the case for themselves. If they think the ID has no fault, hopefully pray they will not experience what I had gone through. It only takes 1 customer to know about the case and think twice before engage business with the irresponsible company / ID. That would have served the purpose to raise public awareness. Eventually the ID will suffer more down the road and not thinking he could get away with it.
  7. I do not know how to uninstall the TV, if not I would have done it and locked it up. You are right ID supervise work and should aviod things that would go wrong during the process of the work.
  8. Did I accuse he is a thief? The post was about an unprofessional and irresponsibilty ID. There is nothing wrong to raise awareness of bad services. I am thinking of putting up to the media e.g. STOMP too.
  9. The key point in my example was "your child was injured when [measure could have been taken to prevent]" and I have warned the ID. ID is not stranger, ID is paid to do a job. Will you ask a stranger to look after your laptop? I won't. How to settle for amicable solution with an irresponsible ID who avoid and ignore you after the incident?
  10. Hi Warrior Using car park is not a valid example because car park only provides a lot to park your car. Car park has T&C that they are not liable for thief and lost. But even though they are not liable, most car parks installed CCTV as precautionary measures to guard the cars and owner interest. Please read and think again carefully the reasons I am holding the ID responsible. In simple words, ID did not take the necessary precaution measures after the warnings. Also partly this happened was due to poor scheduling of work. The items were meant to install after completion but was 1.5 months delay! Again please read all posts before you claim I never take additional security measures. If I did not lock some other items in another room, more things will be lost.
  11. Hi Came across this post and was thinking if reporting to the media would help in my case (missing item during reno). http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=31551
  12. Studio Director: Mark Ng Company: URBAN INTERIORS. HDB License: HB 06-3383-F I signed the contract with him while the company was in Beauti World. Now the company was moved to Ang Mo Kio. Above infomation are not confidential because anyone can walk in to the company for his profile.
  13. I have taken measures that I could to secure my stuff, example locked portable stuff into another room. I do not find getting the ID to pay 100% is ridiculous because. 1. I asked ID to change the lock, he said is troublesome and there won’t be any problem. By saying this he was taking on the accountability. 2. I told the ID that he must supervise the workers (since only he knows the work plan). But he never. Giving a paradigm, when you entrust your child to the childcare center, if your child was injured when measure could have been taken to prevent the injury, is it ridiculous to hold the childcare center be accountable? We suffered because of irresponsible ID. I do not find publicize such ID identity to warn the public is wrong doing. I feel we have the responsibility to warn the public of bad experiences with ID. I even feel there should be an ID blacklist.
  14. I had lode the issue with CASE (which is the 1st process before going for Small Claims Tribunal). However CASE said they cannot do much since is police case and asked me to check with the police…..and the police, point me back to CASE…. In the end CASE asked me to try the forum for advice…. Yes, I was a little careless and too “trusting”. I should had insisted to change to a more secure pad lock and do not pay up the outstanding. I never expect the ID was so irresponsible!!
  15. There is no question the ID should be 101% responsible. In actual fact, the $$ is not my main concerns. My fury was the ID’s double standard behavior and attitude. He was semi-professional and very responsive before the incident. This is the reason I have trusted him to my house because I always travel for business. After the incident, his attitude turns 360 degree and he was so irresponsible…. I am thinking to shame him in forums and also raise awareness in the public. Hopefully his potential customer will come across the thread and be more careful when using him.