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  1. Well, I do believe Aron's service standards are good although I did not engage them. The cost to conceal 3 pipings is about $600 and to patch up 5 ceiling holes is about $400+ so its a total of $1000 more. I do not know if this is ex but I guess they do not really earn from this. My other contractor quoted me conceal 2 pipings and patching up of all the holes at $600, so I went for them instead.
  2. Hi all, Just like all of you who are reading this, I had asked for Aron's contacts and Sam came to my unit within 2 hours to do a assessment. Well, the response service is very commendable. Sam is very patient in explaining and very experienced. I have also asked for two more quotations from another 2 companies at the same time for comparisons. I had chose the Panasonic Sys 3 Non- Inverter. The quotes had included partial concealment of the pipings and thats where the real difference is. Aron- $3300, Company A - $2800, Company B - $2600. Needless to say, I definitely went for company B. Insulation materials used are all the same. Just my two cents worth and no offence to anyone here. Do check some quotes and do a comparison.
  3. Well, after hearing some many people asking for the contacts, but they aren't too many after sales service testimonials given. Will appreciate if someone could release Aron's contacts to me. Need it real urgent as i need to get the installation done by next week
  4. Thanks for the reply. Guess I just stick to the more popular choice to play safe. Got your PM for the contacts. Thanks.
  5. Well, one FSM had also told me something on this topic before too but he ended the session by telling me if we are striking based on their luck and numbers, its also basically sucking away the luck they have as everyone's life is already pre-destined on how much you have and will get. By doing it this way, we are just doing a "early withdrawal" of their luck. Ever since, I had refrained from touching too much of their numbers. Well, hands are still itchy at times cos its tough to refrain from not buying their numbers. Just my two cents worth. Do not really know how true it is but when it concerns affecting our little ones, its like a sting in the heart.
  6. Hi, I also placed an order for the samsung one last weekend but guess i did not do enough homework. Got it at Mega at $949. Did not go to the Expo as it will be tough to to move around with my two little ones. As many of mentioned about the machine, there is just one difference on the LG and Samsung warranty. For LG, its 2 years on parts and service and 10 years on motor, Samsung is 1 year parts and service and 10 years on motor. Well, initially wanted to get the LG cos the Samsung has been priced much higher all along until its price came down last weekend. Features on both models are very similar except Samsung has got an extra Air Wash which I can throw in a jacket at any time. Think if anyone is thinking of the Samsung, its a good time to get it now.
  7. Hi Woody, I'm looking to install blinds for my whole house. Mind sharing your contacts? Do they come over to SG to do the measurements for you?
  8. Hi Bro, Saw that you have been helping many bros with the Fanco lobang. Hope you do not mind sharing with me too. BTW, I'm in a slight dilemma so need to seek some advice here. I have been considering the fanco ff9 for some time for my living room, master room, kids room and study room. My ceiling is about 11'' feet high. I was offered $180 and 4 bulb lighting kit at $40 by lightings.com.sg. They ensure lowest in sg. 1. How long down rod should i extend? 2. Will the FF9 wind be too strong for the rooms as I do not want my kids catching a cold? 3. Any comment with Lightings.com.sg service? Then just recently I passed by a shop at Geylang where they placed many boxes of ceiling fans outside and surely I pop by in to enquire. The boss advise me not to get fanco as I could get alpha VS5 at $230 with lighting kit, down rod extension at $10 per feet. He said Fanco is made in China while alpha is made in Taiwan. Then he did a demo which pretty impressed me. He switch on the alpha fan and placed his hands onto the turning blades but was unhurt. He said something like a safety feature " soft blades". So any comments on Alpha ceiling fan and service?