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  1. Hi Frezhman, Love that you used Blum drawers and Aventos in your new home. We are planning to do the same for our kitchen but we found out that the ID that is only doing our kitchen is charging double of the drawer price. As we do not have ID for the whole of our new house, we intend to use them only for kitchen cabinets. We found out that they are charging double of blum unit price for their drawers, aventos. We are appalled but unsure what to do as not sure if any carpenter can do blum runners. Understand that you bought the drawers from BLUM directly. How much is your carpenter charging for installing the drawers? Is it part of your ID package for the whole house? Do pm me if you can. Thank you.
  2. Wah...very professionally done on the wiring. Can you share on how do you wire your whole house with data network? Any diagram? So you basically only use the following gadgets to make it work: maxonline box, router, data switch. Did you contractor know what to do in wiring the house? How did you conceal the cabling? For the opennet, what do we need to install inside the house in preparation? I believe your DVR is the media server? Is the model good? I am looking at another brand called AC Ryan. Have you heard? I am planning to do the wiring for my new house. Appreciate if you can share with me.
  3. Hi Howly, Can share your contacts for Kitchen and Wardrobe? Thank you.