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  1. Shoe Cabinet Dining area & Living room Passageway to rooms Study room Vanity @ MBR
  2. ya self paint is shiong...tried once painting just living room and ceiling...whole neck and shoulder aching after that...
  3. Congrats king!!! ur rooms come painted by DBSS developer???
  4. Finally back after busy period @ work...interface has changed, kinda prefer old one...anyway, not much reno progress past few weeks due to pending selection of wall colours...some pictures of the false ceilings... Foyer Living & Dining area MBR
  5. nicely done up man!!! chio bright red kitchen stools, i like...
  6. read in the papers that some units in my estate broken in during their reno, combination locks tampered with...still very concerned that my main gate can't use the padlock...maybe i should change the main gate altogether...but gate is new now change abit wasted man...
  7. Thanks for the compliment Ely1...
  8. today went to harvey norman sale @ suntec...walked into exhibition hall but find that most stuffs that we wanna get are not available...quite disappointed with the fair...should have went to the gain city one...anyway we did our homework and got the lowest prices for each appliance in town so went over to millenia walk HN to take a look...they are renovating some sections which happened to be the electrical appliances so another wasted trip... walked back to suntec and realised that there's HN store in suntec...decided to go there to see look...spoke to a salesgal who doesn't seems to know much of products but willing to call agents to enquire more...their prices are quite ok comparing the big players but not with my lowest price...a few calls to her manager and she is able to match my price...big big hole in wallet now...
  9. nope...didnt know of this website till u mentioned...
  10. whats your depth of the microwave??? i plan to stack dryer (depth=600mm) on the washer so like what u said some part of window will be blocked but no choice mah...initially had to remove the ez dryer but after some thoughts, found that maybe can shift the ez dryer towards the citygas heater...i just need to shift 160mm so enable pulling down the hanger...dimensionally it seems ok but have not execute yet so dunno can work not but should be fine...worst case for me is remove the hanger if i miscalculated...maybe u can try try this...
  11. i have no ways to use any padlock...so dumb the design and developer can claimed they are not in any wrong and that the gate is approved by HDB...
  12. is door going to be under the 1 yr warranty too??? if not, can tell HH that u going to get your contractor to change and charge the cost to them cos they are not rectifying the problem, just sweeping it under hoping it's fine... i thought u are using the space above the washer to wall mount the microwave???
  13. a lump??? so how is HH going to do??? i'm getting the Sharp AX-1500V..plan to put this on the solid top near the entrance...if u never change hob, the dimension is just nice...