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  1. Hi Reimoto I am also looking for contractor for some carprentry work. would you mind sharing your quotation? I at simei.
  2. hi i need do carpentry work for my living area can you quote me for display cabinent ? I want ext/int also laminates... thanks
  3. Hi For Abbi: got discount that time at bt 20% off. I think it 230 i got it . sorry about the confusion For all: In the midst of finalizing IDs already. IT 's an uphill task but along this period we have gathered a lot of valuable exp and information too. We have also make friends with the IDs and it is rather painful to reject them. I will post the next topic IDs selection after I have selected the ID. Evorich =========== This company is really getting on my nerves as they now have remove my whole decking. The manager agreed to redeck but use back the old ply wood. WTF? In the first place these wood are already in a sorry state and condition,yet they are going to redeck using them? I am wondering the brain is growth in tree. Anyway he agreed to be on the spot when we meet in the POLLING day! (got to vote le!) haha as if is WP vs PAP. I really hope this saga will end ASAP. Update soon. I have photos but will post when my mood is better. sorry guys this evorich is really too much to bear. Questions for forummers , need help!!! =================================================================================================== 1. what is the diff between LamiTak, SengLee ,EDL? I got quotes from various IDs but is it true that LamiTak is of better quality built? (charges are higher) happy holiday guys! king
  4. Yo Bro, no la DIY ... chio rite? but very shiong.....
  5. chapter 2.0 lighting ================================================ My unit got 15 lighting points and we have decided not to do any false ceilings. So mua haha balestier and jaln besar off we go!!! a) Lighting.com The de facto standard found in most forum so we decided to shop at the jalan besar branch. Bought a total of 10 lightings from them. They are cheap BUT BUT not much selection leh... b) LC lighting Bought the rest 4 at the balestier plaza area.Price is mid range BUT selection is a lot. c) Phillips at BT bought one ecomood at $268!a bit exp but ilove it! comments ======== a)Lighting.com cheap but selection is limited, design ma chaim 4 years ago, as i have seen someone posted in 2007 having the same "ice cube" as me Installer is lousy and inexperience. 1st @35 rest 7 b)LC Lighting good selection but price not cheap. Installer is solid. 1st @ 40 rest 8 Summary ========= cheap donesnt mean bad, but it is defintiely cheap for some reasons! LC Lightings http://i1105.photobucket.com/albums/h349/megaking_72/8b688b01.jpg http://i1105.photobucket.com/albums/h349/megaking_72/6bf02cc9.jpg Phillips Ecomood http://i1105.photobucket.com/albums/h349/megaking_72/f0d7f93f.jpg so much for your time guys! Next chapter selection of IDs
  6. Thanks slegna I did call up another decking company for my planter box below are the prices : Iron wood =$27 (ya it's 27) chengal =$25 (cheaper than iron!,i cannot believe, one possible reason are these chengal are young wood,yes?) er.. your WPC= $30+! sign... seems like nowsday all after your money....
  7. slegna simi is WPC? never been to scandavian countries before, weather good?
  8. nice! You not doing false ceiling?
  9. the link is here http://i1105.photobucket.com/albums/h349/megaking_72/photo2.jpg http://i1105.photobucket.com/albums/h349/megaking_72/photo.jpg not sure previous attachment is broken.
  10. Planter Box by Evorich.com.sg ================== Engage this company call Evorich,as it keeps on advertising in this forum I thought it might be good right? WRONG! There are better ones like woodnwood supreme wood out there and sway as i might i engage them. I have actually expressed my displeasure in this forum so I will not go into details. look under http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=27521&st=120 Just take a look at the way they did to my planter. http://i1105.photobu...g_72/photo2.jpg http://i1105.photobu...ng_72/photo.jpg Until now no news from them. My comments on them 1)most workers are on auto-pilot mode, suka suka call you up to inform their people are there in 20 mins, they have actually arrange with me 4-5pm.they are at my door steps at 11am!!! I was not at my new home,and have to rush down. Simply no time management. 2)Lousy worksmanship 3)sales service everytime MIA mode. Next week I will file CASE against this company. Anyway next topic will be lighting!
  11. finally able to upload pics of the lousy and unsafe worksmanship by this company called Evorich (evorich.com.sg) this company always advertised in this forum Just take a look at the way they did to my planter. http://i1105.photobu...g_72/photo2.jpg http://i1105.photobu...ng_72/photo.jpg Until now no news from them.
  12. hello everyone! here are some pics i took last month,er it only show balcony and bedroom2. Will upload more tomorrow! http://i1105.photobucket.com/albums/h349/megaking_72/photo4.jpg http://i1105.photobucket.com/albums/h349/megaking_72/photo3.jpg http://i1105.photobucket.com/albums/h349/megaking_72/photo5.jpg My renovation budget is only 13K, have contacted 4 IDs. Will update this space once finalized.
  13. finally able to upload pics of the lousy and unsafe worksmanship by this company called Evorich (evorich.com.sg) this company always advertised in this forum Just take a look at the way they did to my planter. http://i1105.photobucket.com/albums/h349/megaking_72/photo2.jpg http://i1105.photobucket.com/albums/h349/megaking_72/photo.jpg Until now no news from them.
  14. Hi all I would like to state a very unpleasant encounter with a decking company called evorich I engage them to do iron wood decking for my planter. the quote is $17.40+GST/sqf everything seems okay until 3 days before installation. I received a call from an indian installer,asked to store the woods first,then install 2days later. I was not told in advance and call this guy K whom obviously is the liaison person. this k knows nuts about this arrangment.Never mind. Come the installation day. Here is the most funny remarks I ever (probably you guys too) heard. The installer never came. So i called K. K said :" sorry my guys missing la, i also dont know where they are" I dont know whether to laugh or what, it's simply unimaginable! Called his boss Alex, this Alex play taichi ,said will sms me his boss number. nothing , also went MIA. LAter part of the day around 4 they came worked until 7pm,I have to compromise their timing! After that the next day another horrific event. The worksmanship is so poor that I simply cannot accept it! (night time cannot see clearly). a)The woods are uneven. b) the nails that was manually punch in did not went in properly. I got a bit of cut on my foot. normally wood decking use electric nail puncher.they did not. c) they did not even bother to paint the wood first hand. Call this another guy call N, said will look it, after that also went MIA. I am left with the unfinished good, full of poor worksmanship and defects. I am stating the truth, nothing but the truth, if i ever fasify any facts above , may i burn in ****. For all forummers who wish to engage them, just be careful. Any one can teach me how to uplaod pics? I want to upload pics for you to view how this evorich did the job. Thier website is evorich.com.sg wish me luck guys:( by the way I will start my T-blog soon probably tomorrow (today too angry liao) as "Simei DBSS: my abode". thanks for your time. so blue_skies I think it's better to grow trees/plants. I am having nightmare with this Evorich