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  1. I am interested in this but may i know whether is the installation difficult and who will be doing the installation for us? Contractor?
  2. My feel lah... try not to let ur frens or relatives do the reno job for you. Although cheaper but then if there is defects, abit paiseh to say... then if say too much ended up relationship sour.... u get someone else to do it for you .... better... u can say what you want... cos it only a contractor and customer relationship... hehehe
  3. You should go for more ID and contactor to compare the pricing... after a few more.. you will know what is high and what is low... hehe... anyway, me also 1st time hunt for ID... and i finally confirmed 1 ID last week.. hehehe
  4. in that case, i think i prefer wpc... cos i dun really like staining afterall... hehe
  5. stain the tiles? how did that happen?
  6. Hi Christopher, In this case, which iron wood will you actually recommend for a planter size? Is the price range same as WPC?
  7. In that case, i really do wonder whether the 1.5K chengal wood is real stuff or not... cos the ID kept emphasizing that the chengai wood needs 60 yrs of grown then can cut down... Btw, Christopher... it would be good if u can share with us on your knowledge of outdoor timber... i am still figuring out which is better... chengai or wpc.. and lately i even heard of a new wood called marabu.. there are so many kinds but which is the better ones in terms of the durability under the sun and rain... and also the maintenance level. I read some forum that chengai wood need funishing every few years to restore their "glory"... there are so many grey area and i really don't know which is which. And even so, so i engage other coy who are well specialized in outdoor timber OR i should just let the ID handle everything.... price and quality is really a concern to me.... Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks
  8. yes.. have u heard abt WPC wood? is that better? cos i want to have a wood that does not require so much maintenance. Might comtemplate into getting other coy to do just the planter instead of getting my ID to do it if the pricing is much lower...
  9. Hmm... can i say that this will only be an offence if the prospecting part is done by the parent coy, and then to avoid paying gst, we ended up signing from the sister coy? If we are directing dealing with the sister coy right from the start, then this will no longer be an offence?
  10. ok.. that is another good point leh.... i nv thought of that.... :S
  11. Ya.. i think this risk is not worth to take. 2k vs 30+k.. thanks bro..
  12. Hi guys... need your advice.. I went to this ID and actually i have quite a good chemistry with this ID. However, this coy actually is GST registered. As such, i checked with the ID and ask him whether can he do anything with the GST i.e. waive off. He came back to me and said that his boss actually suggested that my job to be signed up under another sister company which eventually is still not yet GST registered. It a good idea and save me at least 2k plus of GST.... BUT.... what is the catch?? Will there be any other implication that i did not think of??? Hope to hear from you guys.
  13. Hi Guys, Does anyone here have any knowledge of chengal wood and its pricing range? I went to a couple of IDs and was quoted with a wide price range for a planter size of chengal wood. The cheapest one quoted me $450 for my planter size. The most expensive one from another ID was quoted at 1.5K for the same size. Some others quoted me 600+ and some 800+. Is there any differences in the chengal wood given? I asked the ID who quoted me 1.5K and she said that theirs are the better ones.. they wait for the free to mature 60 yrs then they can chop it off for the wood. She kept emplasizing that $450 for that size is definitely not achievable. I also asked the rest of the IDs why some quote me 1.5K and they gave me the shocked expression and told me that the price is over quoted. The knowledge they told me is that....there is a minimum size that they will quote for the chengal wood. So for a planter size, they can only quote me the minimum size to be sold. 1 even told me the minimum size is abt $400. Then another amount arnd $300 is meant for the support below the chengal wood. This is sooooo confusing and i don't know which is which and who is saying the real thing..... Need the advise of you who knows about this chengal wood. Thanks in advance
  14. Hi Guys, anyone engaged Andy before? I just got my quote from him and he seems very experience. Price also reasonable. Actually i almost want to drop him due to the 1st impression given by a "big vase" beside him when we first met. 2nd impression was better... but still need to know their quality of work.