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  1. Hi, have been receiving a few PMs requesting for my Contractor details. Sorry that I don't have the time to respond as now mother of 2 already:) Kids take up most of my time nowadays. My contractor is Henry. His company is I.D.Note design and build. My project manager is Tony. They are terrific people to work with. Even after Reno, when I have issues like water leaking complaints from the unit downstairs, my sot sot electricity plug and some minor pipe issues, their response were almost immediate. To me, a good contractor not only must do the HSE nicely and also after Reno customer service. They are honest in my opinion. They don't give me excuses like 'yah.. It shd be like that..' and 'it's normal' kind of replies. So if u guys have a budget and already noe what designs u wld like to have, I seriously recommend them. Even if u have no idea, I think they can help u too. Henry can be contact at 9-0-0-7-3-6-8-3. Sorry that if I have missed your pm or didn't reply to u personally. Thks.
  2. Using ipad to surf, not sure how to load the photos. Anyone who wants to see can pm your mobile no to me and I whatsapp u the photos. Have a good week ahead.
  3. friends78


    My sofa started to peel off last mth. Only 2 yrs old! They offered no solution and even asked me to pay $1k to do upholstery! No more Cellini for me too!
  4. Just an update that the PVC leather for my Cellini Sofa started to peel off last mth. Very disappointed with Cellini after sale service. They offered no solution or discount. Insisted that I top up $1000 to do upholstery. $1000 can buy a new sofa loh. No more Cellini stuff for me liao.
  5. Saw your hse featured in the Straits Time today! Your Reno cost seems very reasonable better than those $100k. Kudos to New Nyew and your wifey who worked together to get this look!
  6. Currently using Simmons Backcare series bought from Robinson. Previous flat using Sealy Posturepedic Sapphire for 5 years. Sealy more Plush but hubby had constant backache issue throughout the 5 years. My sleep was often disturbed by hubby's tossing and turning as I'm a light sleeper. With Simmons, I sleep better as not affected by his tossing and turning. Hubby still has backache issue on and off but not as frequent as compared as before. Both mattress is less than $4k. I wld prefer Simmons:)
  7. hi,friends78

    love the design of ur hse! could u share with me the contact of yr reno. ID? Possible to share the quote as well? thks alot!



  8. hi,friends78

    i also got this problem, when on the heater there is a blower sound, how u manage to solve it .pls help . thanks

  9. Reno is a tiring process, be it mentality or physically. But once finished, you will feel a great sense of achievement! Generally I think most of the contractors here are quite good. There might be a bit of problems here and there but as long as we get a complete house.. I think we are very blessed Your place is looking good and even with some of the flooring 'untouched', you have successfully created a new modern look as compared to the place you first took over. It is now cosy, homely and somehow I got this 'muji' concept feeling (Luv it!) when looking at the pics. Most importantly, you and Grace have managed to create this look within your budget and with the right furniture. Well done
  10. Get a copy of an extra mag and held him ransom. Tell him that if he wants the mag, he got to take photo of the turning TV... Hee.... Hee... Hope my bro is not reading this....
  11. Yes, NeoBY! Will not quarrel here. My post is just to highlight to him about his tactless comments on my friend. Usually I will keep my mouth shut cos it's none of my business anyway. But this time, force me out of the 'mountain' cos I sense that my dear friend is hurt by it. Anyway apologies to u, NeoBy. Cos more or less is due to my post that he got worked up and start to shoot again and lead to so many subsequent flaming. I won't argue with him since I have made my stand. Paiseh hor... Very sorry again
  12. That is very mean of u. It is a direct personal attack. May_dream is just sharing her thots, ideas and tips with her renotalk friends. The purpose of joining in to chit chat is to make friends and share ideas. What's wrong with that? Who says that a T-blog must be strictly on reno stuff? Without renotalk, I wld not have known nice people like her, Mar jie, mashmallow etc... The comments you made were often rude and tactless and I remembered seeing a thread on the electrical hood and hob being suspended. Also due to your comments directing to the TS. When sharing your thots, please at the same time be mindful of others. I know May_dream personally. She has a bubbly, nice and friendly personality. She is only asking you to be considerate to TS and not to hog on the thread by posting/showing off unrelated stuff. PS: NeoBY: Sorry for using your thread as a platform. Very sorry but I think that is the only way to catch his attention. BTW, I have also a chip-off floor tile in the toilet. It is located near the floor trap and Henry said if were to replace, might affect the water proofing and need to re-do. He used the same colour cement to 'cover' the chip-off which I accepted. Maybe you can check with your contractor the reason of not replacing and how best he can make good of it:)
  13. Hi ... Welcome! Seldom post in the renotalk nowadays but your title caught my attention:) We have the same guy doing our house and the same place we bought our sanitary wares. Hope you have a smooth Reno journey!
  14. My wardrobe is up over the weekend! See the photos.... Work-in-progress Fixing the first door... Second door... (PS: Proud to show off my high ceiling!!! Saw the height of my sliding door as compared to the two men? They carried it up floor by floor!!) The final product: We are so in luv with my new wardrobe!!!!
  15. Just saw your post. My house was mostly managed by Tony. He came across as a very trustworthy and honest guy. He is patient and very accommodating. Your house will be in safe hands:)