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  1. Hello can you share with me your electrician's contact please? :) I see $28/point that quite cheap comparably.

  2. the floor is actually some sort of dirty brown with some pattern and blink. colourful then happy mah. toilet can be happy too so process faster. lol. see #37 for the colour of floor tile. may_dream said grey too. The other one is matt black floor tiles with blink, white glossy wall and gold vertical lines feature. lol.
  3. Not sure. Not interested to ask also. sure got some reason. so it will turn white and white? hafary's method of using vinegar can help?
  4. It wasnt white initially but turned white over time (same time as the white patches on tiles). I asked for floor gout to go with tile colour so it's supposed to be dark coloured.
  5. quite near to this bracket is the inlet where the pipe comes through the wall into this bathroom. I am leaving the bracket as it is cos sometimes i wash the toilet quite hard with the brush and may push the pipe.
  6. dont know leh. i always boil until got bubble. heee
  7. oohh...I got explanation from my contractor. "For this clip here, the purpose was not meant to hold the pipe to the wall as the pipe is already well supported by other clips which are tied to the wall. There are sometimes some of these clips to prevent anyone from accidentally pushing the pipe against the wall but it does not need to be secured as its intention is not to hold any weight. moreover sometimes some owners want to see as little clips as possible so even if you remove this, there's no damage to the wall tiles. You can dont take my explanation for it if you feel it's not so, but this is really how things are and i am okay for you to check with any professional on my explanation too".
  8. And you guys with this white patchy problem on your floor tiles, you can try this advice from Hafary. I believe the white stains that you are seeing could be mineral residue from the tile. As porcelain tile are made from clay, the mineral might rise to the surface resulting in this issue.It could also be hard water stains (limescale), which is a result of a build-up of alkaline in hard water. (Some areas in Singapore are luckier as they get soft water!) You might like to try a household method for this problem:Dip clean cloth in white distilled vinegarRub the cloth over the tiles with “stains”. Vinegar will counteract with the mineral deposits and remove them.Soak another cloth in clean water and wipe to clean the vinegar off.If there are any remaining residue, use a pH balanced cleaner to clean it off.Do make sure that no soap suds or vinegar are left behind. Acid based cleaners are usually targeted to remove stains. However, they are not recommended for everyday cleaning as it could lead to discoloration of the tile.Hence, use them sparingly and at the targeted spots if you have to!Other than the above method, you can also try to purchase specialised products from DIY stores. These will contain some form of acids as well so they should not be used for everyday cleaning.
  9. wow!! it's been about 5 months since i moved in. i thought all will be settled. but yesterday while washing the bathroom, i discovered this.... I was like...wtf!!!! Anyway, I told Rick from Idealhouse about this and I also decided not to let his man come rectify. I dont want another reason like the tile is too hard or it's just hairline crack. Renovation journey has not been easy, also not as hard as some others. I appreciate the fact that he allowed me to totally cancel the windows work and replace with L box in living room. I also appreciate that the project finished way advance of the original schedule. I am not happy with the carpentry work...still is..the reason that it's human workmanship when defects were found. In this 5 months, I also changed the dish drainer tray 2 times. The carpenter said I should clear the water in the tray, else the rubber at the sides will spoil resulting in the leaking problem I had. My reply, it's only 5 months. I had not told him my office dish tray was there for 5 years and it's working fine. Anyway, lessons learnt. Guys, please remember to check the brackets as well.
  10. what do you mean not laminated? for interior, it's the thinner kind of laminate paper (i dont know what's that called). the only side for mine (where I can feel and see) with the raw wood is the underside at the bottom...just beside the kitchen cabinet base.
  11. I am back. Going out again on Monday!!!