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  1. But why no KDK? I thought they are reliable brand? I yet to do any research but if talk about fans especially ceiling fans, i'll think of KDK. Any comments? Thank you.
  2. ya. but if got any problem or warranty, i would still feel that it is safer to look for the dealers in SG then to travel back to JB. thats my thought.
  3. Hi all, I'm new here. Need some comments on installing ceiling fans at home. Recently saw a magazine featuring KDK ceiling fans, these houses are so beautiful but I think normal HDB flats may not be able to achieve those feel. Buying ceiling fans in JB is cheaper? Is it safe? Because I heard from my friend that installing ceiling fans in Sg need to have PSB approval. I feel that it is safer to buy them in Singapore. And also more convi for warranty/ after-sales service if anything goes wrong.