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  1. Where do you guys get Porcelain Rice Urns? Really difficult to find... Thanks!
  2. Reverie

    Paint Types?

    I like to DIY and paint my coffee table tops, Tv console and shoe cabinets. I read those overseas webbies that speak of using latex paint... or satin interior paint and top with coats of clear polyurethane so that the table tops are durable. Really clueless what all these are. Can anyone enlighten me on the types of paint Cos so far I only know of using those High Gloss Nippon paint for wood and metal alike. Anyone schooled in local terms for paint jobs and able to educate me a few tips on DIY painting jobs at home. Thanks!
  3. I have heard of space cleaning of bare flat (before renovation)... Like throwing salt, rice and prayers before the workers 'dong tu'... but... What about after the actual renovation of whole flat? Anyone does any rituals for space cleaning or prayers of the house after renovation? Or merely just cleanup and wait for minor installations and delivery... and only do the proper move in ritual?
  4. I understand it's a must to choose auspicious date and time for house moving in, marriage, major life events. However is there a need to choose an auspicious day and time for mere delivery/installation of furniture, washer, dryer, fridge etc...? Or am I too 'pang tang'? My sister wanna just anyhow set a date for delivery of her fridge and washer to her new house (not yet moved in). She will do the proper move in procedure at a later auspicious date and time. What are your views? Thank you.
  5. Yeah loh I found it kinda heavy already! Hahahahhaha Ok thanks for the tip Phoenix!
  6. Hi, For the moving in procedures, I hope to clarify on the fruits aspect. As mentioned 5 types of fruits are required. Since Pineapple is a MUST what about other fruits like: Pomelo, Banana, Oranges, Peaches. Are these fruits ok for use?? And I would like to know how many of each fruit? 1 pineapple 1 bunch of Bananas 1 Pomelo How many oranges? How many peaches? Thanks!
  7. Hi Mr Chong, I have a few questions here and hope that you can assist. 1) Is it ok for the Main House Door to face the bomb shelter door? 2) I would be using those Double Electirc Cooking Hot Plates for my stove. Is it better feng shui and thus a must for every house to have gas and fire stove installed?? 3) If the fridge faces the kitchen's toilet door... can I just close the door? Any negative implications? Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Thanks for all the helpful thoughts... they were insightful. My entire life... I have lived with very considerate neighbours so i better do without the bad ones. Ok will not get this unit cos i do foresee endless trauma and issues. back to searching for a new home...
  9. I found a near perfect house. Good location and nice view. Rooms suitable for myself and family. However there is a big problem here. If I were to buy this unit... I would be sharing a common corridor with only 1 neighbour and got to bypass their door and passageway before reaching the lift. However, this very neighbour hang all their laundry outside the common walkway. Today I went to view the place again and saw a bicycle, 4 poles of damp laundry outside their corridor (cos all the units come with very tiny laundry area) and a rack of underwear (in their house) facing directly our favoured unit. This neighbour love to open their house door cos I can see an elderly man inside the house whenever I am there. If I bought the place I do not want to open the door daily and see tons of laundry (and really I mean loads of clothes and many pieces of sarongs) and underwear. But I fancy this unit very much. What can I do?? I can't possibly ask them not to hang their clothes... cos it's a common walkway. And never my intention to create tension between neighbours. But it really worries me with regards to the visual aspects and I certainly do not feel right nor lucky if I were to see damp laundry and innerwear daily when I walk out from the main door. But the house is perfect! Selfishly... I just wish they would NOT hang anything outside their house at all. They already got a huge shoe cabinet outside their door... coupled with the many poles of laundry and their bicycle.... Too conjested to walk at all! It's a fairly new, posh and cool residential area with great surrounding facilities.... I feel so sad that my neighbour is such! I understand sometimes it's inevitable... cos I would be hanging my clothes in one of the spare room too. Guessed they do not have that extra room to do so and thus hang outside. Will a bagua do?? Will it be bad for me to put a bagua against my neighbours? Appreciate any good advices.