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  1. My regret items: 1. Accepted ID designer to install toilet bi-fold doors in kitchen and masterbed room. Bi-fold doors are not easy to maintain. Moulds grew and could not get rid. Be it with mr.muscle, kao toilet bleach, brown bottle bleach, etc,etc. There are 6 members in the household and i have No Maid to do cleaning daily. I should check out the latest and easy to clean doors. 2. Installed undermount kitchen basin beneath solid surface. Water seepage through leaking silicone !!! Re-patched silicone by 1st Contractor and last less than 6 months. Removed and re-patched by 2nd NTUC home service and again, water seepage into area below less than 6 months. I do not what to do next? 3. I should not let the Contractor to lay lengthy Solid Surface, covering cooking area to Kitchen sink. Might have to dismantle the long long solid surface if i need contractor to change undermount basin to top mount one.
  2. Hi Reno Experts, I am having my kitchen basin PROBLEM as above. My kitchen basin under-mounted Korean brand solid surface. No chopping of food or chicken ever done on the basin surface. Only washing of dishes and cutting of vegetables. Silicone turn mouldy n black, peel off and water seepage into below area and to my wooden doors. Patched up 1st time by contractor with silicone. Last for half year. Patched up 2nd time by NTUC home service with epxoy filler. Cannot resolve problem too. Is it common problem? My previous under-mounted kitchen basin and concrete sink area (already constructed and installed by HDB) did not have such problem for almost 25 years. Actually, I asked my ID designer to follow the previous structure of concrete sink area (under-mounted layout) during kitchen renovation. There was a height of about 10 cm between tiles and under-mounted kitchen sink. I always used bleaching detergent to clean off stain or moulds on the white area and encountered NO water leaking. Too sad, my ID designer did not do so. How to DIY myself to fill up the water gaps? Any suggestion? Which brand works well? Thanks
  3. Hi everybody, I need help!!! My kitchen sink was undermount beneath KOREAN brand solid surface for 3 years. Silicone turned black subsequently. Experience water leaking into the narrow gap between solid surface. Wet the below area (rubbish chute) and wooden doors. I had called for contractor to redo silicone once and after 4 months another contractor to do epoxy fillings. My problem still cannot resolve. Any solution???? Thanks
  4. something like the pic below: http://i00.i.aliimg.com/photo/v0/236756652..._Moden.summ.jpg http://i01.i.aliimg.com/photo/v0/236756659/Cabinet.summ.jpg Good luck
  5. My mum also had same belief. I sourced around AngMoKio Furniture shop but could not find a favourable one. I went to Rochor Centre and found the best Buddhist Altar Table. Finally, i got one that looked modern and able space to put flowers and fruits offerings. The shop facing the Albert OG and FU LU SHOU complex. The boss (uncle) was quite friendly. My ID designer was surprised i found the Altar. Workmanship very good and design very modern. Hope you can find one. Regards Madapple
  6. Hi, At this forum, i found a carpentry from Sungei Kadut to do 3 wardrobes. No ID needed. Just gave them my wardrobes interior layout. Still in work in progress. All wardrobes almost done. Good workmanship as compared to my kitchen full height 20ft cabinets done 3 years ago by Renovation Contractor. Thumbs up.