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  1. i just put a L-shape 4-level rack in it, cost me $180.. as my bomb shelter is in the kitchen, im planning to paint the door over with chalkboard paint, so it can act as a chalkboard for me to write recipe or doodle on.
  2. Thanks oink!! I need that too! Hate the heavy door! Lol
  3. we engaged Alex too! honestly, he's service is really good! actually i had another window contractor contact. i called him to give me an on-site quotation already. but end up i chose Alex instead. I called up Alex first. He sounded very friendly over the phone, and when i told him i just want a quotation, and will not be able to sign immediately, he told me he understands. He could also give me a rough quotation over the phone as mine is a new block and he did other units before. He also advised me on the limitation by hdb on the choices of grilles, etc. He just knew his stuff. So, he set my expectation. When I called up the other contact, he sounded ok, but couldnt give me a rough quote. When i asked if he did any unit in my area before, he said yes. weird.. When he was at my unit, he couldnt give me the quotation immediately even after measurement taken, and could only get back to me 2 days after. and he kept looking at other units' windows as reference like he had never done any before. that made me kinda worried.. in the end, i arranged with Alex to come to my unit to take measurement. the experience was totally different. he could answer everything on the spot. provided choice of materials to be used, advice on the if-else of the choices on how the grilles are to be installed. and he could match the quote of my contractor's contact. of course i chose to engage him! among all the renovation work carried out in my unit now, he's on the top of my no-regret list!
  4. how about smooth floor rendering? i havent sign with any contractor yet.. but im intending to do laminate flooring for all living + bed rooms. should i ask hdb to do the smooth floor rendering first? other renovation works dont have to bury anything under the floor right?