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  1. I knwo chances of getting upset will be there since payment already done, but hubby and I are really very curious what is the price..
  2. how much u bought for ur king size mattress? with bed frame or without?
  3. Is the la Cafe same as the Space maker?? Coz they uses the same invoices, and the guy who serve us is Jon, a bit plump guy.. Any more reviews? Coz we just engage them to do our wardrobe for 3k (promotion rate) which is 1.7 by 1.5 ('L' shape design), using some water proof material instead of the normal ply wood. after that i did some online research find it quite expensive.
  4. U mean an chuang already cannot go inside the bedroom? I though cannot sleep on the bed only? Coz it will be quite difficult, as we still need to move stuff inside the bedroom and do up the wardrobe which is like after our an chuang date.. :X
  5. me and my hubby just bought the mattress few days ago, and I did search on the mattress, thus saw this thread. After reading this thread i feel quite of upset... but we really love the mattress and its really comfy!! we have tried simons etc, but this one is really the best. After that I did another research on our mattress which is called "Royal price something", but I couldn't find this collection online! Can someone enlighten me? and also, beside the 2 lucky ones who had their delivery on time etc, anyone had good experience? because, our bed have the "an chuang" timing, so i don't want anything to go wrong, even though the expected delivery date is 2 days before our geometry date one more thing, how much does the mattress cost exactly? because, the thick eyebrow guy, whose name is Ken, gave us a whole quotation of 3.6k plus for the queen size mattress and the storage bed frame, but my hubby's friend got king size mattress and a normal bed frame for 3.3k. For the whole session, the guy didn't mention anything about the mattress price. I search online is what I got is this Lotus brand price range is from 1.6k to 5k plus. can anyone help?