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  1. So glad my Reno journey is over....Phew...

  2. yeah Joe..I screw it up..haizzzz..
  3. thanks emobebe for your suggestions.I wanted to try to sell it but thinking back this 9" downlight only be use for commercial buildings.wanted to just throw it all away but ID says since I have bought it why they will do,they will make the thickness of my Lbox thicker so that it will not looks too big.Funny I dunno why the Id just persist me to get a smaller one.My Id keep saying wait till I look for the whole outcome and see for myself.Now it's hard for me to visualize it.Well I will just leave it to my Id and trust on her decision.Thanks emobebe
  4. hmmm..my ID quote me around $960 for suspended 7" tv console comes with black glass panel...
  5. Hi I have bought 18nos of 9" square downlight from JB.First I do find it weird how come the light is big but the shop got only 2 size,another one which is too small.So without realizing I bought 9" one.Showed to my ID and she said this is usually use for commercial/shop,and now my ID suggest to make the L box thicker so the light blend in.Still I find it weird but ID friend say it will be unique since other commonly use 6".Can't spare the hassle to change all the downlight in JB,wish I can sell it in Singapore shop and trade in for smaller size downlights..I wish they could.Now I am in dilemma..want cheap and save cost and now even my hanging lights I bought extra,fans cannot fit living room...haiz....I screw it up... Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. May you seems to buy lots of stuffs already, our completion date is about the same..mine 07th and you 18/03/2011...1 week to move out of the house,stay temporary at my brother's place till reno complete.I given my ID 1 month to complete,till now I haven't even choose tiles,laminate.get so frustrated and told my ID that at this stage I should have seen my 3D design.Reason 2 of her drafter was on holiday,so 3D drawing delay.The feeling of stress,angry,headache,nervous,worry keeps running through my mind from the 1st appointment.Been going through the forum for tips,recommended stuff/shops,make me go haywire.Wanted to find the cheap and good deal and yet want the best stuffs lol.Can't depend much on all the things to my ID,to cut cost I need to outsource on minor stuffs,like windows,main door,gate.Can't let her chop me many2.The owner hacks the store room and now I'm cracking my brain to built a new store room in the kitchen,that's mean smaller kitchen..haiz..You're living alone right,for me I'm staying with my mum,not for her I can't buy the flat...so got to keep my house ederly friendly though lol...Btw mind to share where you bought your aircon?,looking at system inverter 3,was quoted $2930 for mitsubushi heavy industry(S60CM),the person is well recommended by most of the forummers,till just now my friend told me she was quoted $2515(PROMO) for the same model with $150 voucher,now this makes me confuse.Should we trust 100% the comments recommended by the forummers,looks at the feedback is very positive but if retail shop can offer cheaper,do you thing we kena chop just by following what other forummers recommends.Stress,headache,excited,..... :ph34r:
  7. really?? i just bought 3 sets of fans from JB...haizz..hope the electrician will fix it smoothly :[
  8. lol...bigger the better mah...just like real rain.. :] probably i get it install in mid march.my completion date will be on 07/03/2011..look at your blog..love your layout and 2 big king size bed lol...got cheap rainshower set please tell me hor..i'm looking for 2.. :]
  9. Hi emobebe..heh you're not early but it's good to plan ahead..for me I guess I'm a bit slow..it's so stress.furthermore I be reckee most of the stuffs my own.Thanks for reading my humble blog.Oh yeah for my granite top I top up another $700 instead of the solid surface top.I'm not sure whether I kena chop.But what to do usually first timer always kena chop,every salesman want to make profit..haizzz..Try read 'SQUARE ROOM' magazine..it do helps.. :]
  10. Cool..I'm collecting my keys on 07th March 2011 for my 4room 107sq resale flat in jurong,Resale flat reno usually cost more than those newer flat especially if you're doing hackings.For me I have engage * Interior,although Baroque do offer a good quote but since I live in the west I pick from tradehub so easier for me to meet my ID and go over their office.Cos some of the reno company do have ulu place.lol.I have selected simple modern design for my new place.Not too colourful plainly black,grey,white,walnut.Too striking colours sometimes makes your eyes pain to look at.I be painting all my living/dining white with L-box.Grey sofa and black base coffee table in living,accompany with black/dark feature wall/console.black blade ceiling fan with lights.black dining chair with diamonds and black tempered glass top dining table in my dining.A simple chandelier/hanging lights in my dining just for decor,cos mainly I will use the downlight for main lights.Black laminate for my bar with black bar stools.I just love black and dark colours so easier to maintain,but can't have black wall..so white wall it will be.For MBR toilet will be black and white theme.Modern resort theme for common toilet( base on wall and floor tiles for this combiantion).black/white/walnut for my kitchen cabinet to match my black galaxy granite top.I will be doing a new store room in my kitchen since owner hack the store room to built in wardrobe for MBR.Luckily all the rooms have laminates and I just need to polish the marble for living/dining,save me a bit of cost.For kitchen I will not be using wall tiles,instead the cost I add a glass backsplash for the wall between my bottom and top cabinet.Estimated quote cost me around $30k with electrical works.Add another $10k for new air con,sanitary,furnishing which I think will be adding more and more.All the small things you add on eventually will make you faint when you see the final bill..Do visit my blog if you free. :]
  11. Me too...I already ordered the citygas heater but I heard for HDB flat maximum rainshower head is 8" inch.thinking of getting the square ones
  12. well said dude...i totally agree..a large philip living colour will do the job :]
  13. hi Aron,can u give me more price range even for non-inverter for system 3 that includes installation,brackets,piping,gst.please email me @ kamil@tokyo.com.Thanks.
  14. thanks jamora..how much u bought your artificial plants and what's the price range like.. Thanks so much..
  15. Thanks for the reply guys,i really would like to use it in my room,it's best to use it in the corner or part of the wall.Not really keen on the jellyfish..doesn't serve any purpose cos the light is shining downwards.Hope the price would drop..lol
  16. it's worth it,my mum had been using it more than than 10 years and it still look like new.lightweight,microwavable,nice floral design...worth your investment :]
  17. thanks for the useful advice demonlicious.appreciate it thinking of it um not good in diy thingy maybe I will just change to system 3..lol
  18. Thanks for the useful info Sng.At first it was quite a headache to choose between Granite or solid surface top.After reading your resources and after my colleague highly recommend Granite top, now I had decided to use granite top for my kitchen top.At first I was reluctant cos I heard some forummers mention the stain like curry powder cannot be wash easily and the wear of the granite after some time it will not be that shiny but I believe black galaxy granite won't show so much stains as compare to lighter colour granite which the previous owner use green granite and it really looks wear off and visible stain.Now only need to decide on concrete or wooden frame for my kitchen sink support.As through my colleague experience after 5 years the wooden door would rot and the hinge would drop off due to the wet activity from the sink.I saw some forummers use a roller metal shutter door for their cabinet door compare to those old fashion sliding door.It do looks attractive though..
  19. Hi anyone laminate their Hdb original Main door? I plan to laminate My Main Door and New lock.Hope to save some money then installing a $650 Main door.anyone have done it mind to share their DOOR photos or anyone have any contacts of contractor doing laminate Work for door,try not to ask My ID first for quotation.any feedbacks welcome.Cheers
  20. thanks so much for the info.I appreaciate it.agree with u Philip living colour delivers a better function than the jellyfish one..the jellyfish one don't sere any function,it's only give the light source below the lamp which only makes partial of the floor to be colour unlike living colour which make the room walls to be specatular.thanks.
  21. u know any ideas how much it cost? it looks nice..heheh.. u bought it yet?
  22. Uploaded with ImageShack.us u mean like this ball shape spikey? i just run through this by the net.dunno whether the price is reasonable.. Hoi Kee Flower Shop at beach road..