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  1. Wts: LED Strip 3528 300LED 5m for $30 I was getting single colored LED but accidentally bought multi-color LED strip. Those who wants to use it for decorative purpose (will change color through controller), this is perfect choice for Christmas tree. Also selling, 1) DC12V 10A (120Watt) EU plug - $45 2) LED controller remote control - $15 If buying 3 items altogether, only $80. I can show you how to connect if you have doubt. PM me if interested.
  2. From the floorplan MBR, my bed headboard on left most of the room. You have the same layout?
  3. Need quotation from contractor. Please pm me.
  4. If gov wants to depress the property price, they always can do it by increasing interest rate. The global economic condition does not favour increase of interest rate.
  5. I am thinking to put stove facing out the window to my MBR. It seemed more practical but saw from other thread that stove shouldn't face out window.
  6. COV is hard to control because there is competition. What therat says is correct, lesser seller and higher demand fuels up everything. For current interest rate, the installment is much lower than rental yield. I think the price will continues to rise till rental yield near to monthly installment.
  7. Mar 2011 - HDB resale market set to cool http://www.asiaone.com/Business/My+Money/Property/Story/A1Story20110304-266515.html Oct 2011 - Prices of resale HDB flats up 3.8% in Q3 2011 http://business.asiaone.com/Business/News/Story/A1Story20111028-307439.html Nov 2011 - Homebuyers less keen on HDB resale flats with new measures http://business.asiaone.com/Business/My%2BMoney/Property/Story/A1Story20111101-308186.html So, the policy is not working?
  8. The above area the worst days of the year 2011 of different windows.
  9. I did a simulation using Google Sketchup and sun position (added external building that is taller than mine). Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  10. Thanks bro bepgof. The RM2, Rm3 and living room window west sun is likely blocked by opposite block. MBR window is slightly smaller and can reveal to sun. Main door (facing east) if opened will face no unit because the unit is first unit in corridor. Most likely if I open window and door, some airflow will be there. Some people might not agree for MBR toilet to face out (50% of it) of the MBR door. We are also considering to use a small partition wall to close up the area for space to place cabinet. I am currently thinking of practical stove position and location and facing of MBR bed (talking about practical fengshui).
  11. Thanks all brothers/sisters. Feel free to comment more. BTW, the sun is blocked by next block. Yes of course, I am more concern whether it is windless. Any recommendation on furniture,stove layout?
  12. Hi brothers/sisters, Pls help to comment my floorplan in term of practicality and fengshui. Thank you Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  13. skinny


    Facing of front door directly perpendicular to the door. Most of the stuff in the house can be avoid and 'qi' can be amended by using various method except for direction. If die die lies on kong wang, I will skip.
  14. skinny


    Yes, from what I have gathered. When the front door facing 'hit' one of these lines between segment in luopan. It is a kong wang house. It is easy to look for if you download a free luopan program on iTunes. You need bigger luopan to verify it. The fengshui master in the blog met a house front door with kong wang direction. Apparently few spots inside the house is also on kong wang direction. This creates a tremendous large 'yin' energy accumulates in the house he mentioned. And, of course, this house is not supposed to reside.
  15. Sudden interest to fengshui. Found out that house without direction is very bad. http://rgczjks.blog.163.com/blog/static/10...01021255230846/
  16. Is it a good take? What can I do if they don't move out later? I understand that HDB does not get into this matter. Any legal method to safeguard myself?
  17. Not my flat, the unit I am looking.
  18. The whole block is the same but I guess there is something more than that. It is pretty bad to know that they are divorcing and selling out the flat. Personally, I feel sad for them and the children but no one can interfere with one family matter. Come to think of that, there is something in their living room, a big big mirror. You can say I am superstitious.
  19. Thanks but the unit was from a divorced couple. What to look out?
  20. ---------------| |------------------ BASIN STOVE | | ---------------| |------------------ | B| | E| | A| | M| | | I only can think of avoiding stove but still kanna basin ---------------| |------------------ hacked washing | | STOVE machine | | ---------------| | +-------------- | B| B | | E| A | | A| S | | M| I | | | N |
  21. There is a big beam cut off the kitchen. I heard it will gives "pressure" to marriage. Anyone know about this? How to counter it?