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  1. Hi dexufto..thanks for sharing ur experience..but too late we alr have choosen the black galaxy top.. i've heard black is hard to maintain. I wanted white quartz but too ex!
  2. hey adam72, i'm also very familar with clementi west cos my hubby family stayed there and now my son goes to the church kindy beside west coast plaza...the clementi library is gg to open end Apr, it will be very convenient for me...I dun have to go JE to return books now!
  3. Hi strikingreality, from young i'm staying at Clementi ave 5, after i got married, I move to ave 3, nowI'm moving back to ave 5! think my entire life will be at Clementi lol...I believe u will miss clementi.. anyway bukit batok is not too far from clementi, by train is within mins!
  4. hey thanks for the welcome...r u also from clementi? yeah it's a nice neighbourhood esp. with the new mall. i've lived here for the past 30 years and finally there is a library in clementi!
  5. i did heard black countertop is hard to maintain too..but hubby juz like black galaxy. anyway my old house was beige top, also hard to maintain so i dun mind trying out black top for my new house for a change! if urs is a new flat, i thot the toilet should be big enough for a dry area?
  6. should i go for the original black & white or the new design in black, white & red?
  7. it's been sometime I have not update the progress, anyway i have some changes to my kitchen but not too satisfied so I intend to ask my ID to make a little more changes...hehe
  8. thanks risis! checking out gmarket now but still can't find the butterfly and boy n girl you had...recently juz got some from a shop which is very ex! :(
  9. yes..cos I wanted a shower screen so that I can have dry area..no choice have to extend the toilet lor..
  10. Hi! My 3 room flat is also in the process of reno..juz posted my 3D on my reno-blog. My kitchen is may I kquite similar to urs.. do u mind sharing the cost of your reno? Thanks...
  11. Hi Lazybum9, so ur ID also Sean! Is ur reno work done? My reno cost around $40k...but not including electrical works..
  12. but i still have many changes which i would like to make...
  13. Hi Hafiizh...u r rite...now I am still looking around for lightinh until I find one I like most...will update again!
  14. not many design to choose so decided to get this basin for my MBR toilet.. is this lighting for dining area nice?
  15. went shopping for sanitary stuff, kitchen sink and lighting today...and bought this toilet bowl at only $199....wonder is it a gd buy?
  16. partially done toilet wall tiles...
  17. the wall between kitchen and living is hacked..
  18. I went today to check the progress and took some photos...gg to post it up soon.
  19. Thanks for your warm welcome Diva.. I am really glad to know renotalk forum cos through this forum I get a good ID as per recommendation from some of the forumers. Actually I went to two ID which forumers recommended, GPlan and Ideal House. Then I got another ID Viewstar. Below is my comments: Ideal House - This was the first i went. Initially I wanted to look for those ID with much raves from forummer, however all were not around as it was during after CNY so prob they all took all loeave. The ID called Sean serve us. I was quite impressed by him as he gave much ideas and very proactive type. The best thing is only after a few days, he sent me the quote...very efficient! But I did not immediately confirm as I was waiting for the other quotes from the other two ID which I went after gg to Ideal House. GPlan - the ID lady talks real soft and wasn't really pro. After our discussion of what I wanted, she called me up 2 WEEKS later and told me to go down to her office for the quote. I told her to email to me and she told me her scanner is not working. So I told her when her scanner is ready then she email to me cos I cannot make it to her office these few days. You know what...she did not even bother to email or call me anymore! Viewstar @ West Coast Plaza - the ID was not very familiar with design and giving ideas. He is quite nice but I think he lacks experience and it makes me quite disappointed. Finally...I decided to go with IDEAL House! I must say Sean is very efficient and easy going guy. Anyway, the work has started and I'm gg to update the progress soon!
  20. I forget to take photos of the house before reno. Here r some photos taken after 1st day of reno..