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  1. Hi Phobe, can you pm me his contact? Thanks!
  2. Hi, can u share your contractor's contact?thanks in advance!
  3. Hi , can someone forward me Mr K's contact? Need to renovate my home as well.
  4. Ha..so true but my ID is ang mo lol How about moving in auspicious date? Do we follow Tong sheng or pick any day that doesn't clash with your 'animal sign
  5. Hi any fengshui experts can help answer my question? Tia!
  6. Thks for your reply. My ID arranged fixing lights first then paint. Guess, this is neater as if paint first some paint might chip off during installation of lights.
  7. Hi All, I am starting my renovation soon but not sure if should instal lights & change switches first or do we paint the whole house first?
  8. Hi Centrino2, Can i have the link to your led cove light too? Been thinking of having led lights for the whole house including dining area. Warm white lights usually produce alot of heat after a while and makes the area hot. Many thanks in advance!
  9. Hi All, Can someone email me a copy please? email add: weecl88@yahoo.com.sg Many thanks!
  10. mm...no one does that in singapore?
  11. Hi all, I'm looking for a Lighting professional that can guide me along before i do up and decorate/ renovate my house. Someone that can adjust various lightings needs for work,relax,ambient etc Does anyone go through any lighting pro for their home reno? Thanks in advance!