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  1. Hi doc, I bought the 200W from Sim Lim Tower at $40. As mentioned, you can actually half the price for a lower wattage transformer and non-auto voltage switching. The one I bought is auto-voltage switching. And frankly, it's quite big as it's 200W. The lower wattage transformer will be smaller.
  2. Hi lahgal, I paid about S$250. Hi thedoctor, I use a step down transformer to convert the power from 230v to 110v..... Actually the fan only need about 50+W at max speed but kiasu so use a 200W Can use for other 110v stuffs.....
  3. Yo Luxray, I bought from Vornado during their "Father's Day promotion" @ $99.99 with free shipping. Think it should be the same if you are buying from amazon. If you are worried about warranty, then you might need to purchase locally. Think the warranty will only be effective if I sent the fan back to US which don't think will be doing that. I'm using the fan in my dining area. To me the main diff between fan and vornado is that you will feel that it's a continual breezy feeling around the dining area when using a vornado compare with direct wind blowing at you from a fan.
  4. New addition for my home, Vornado 660 Circulator. Purchased and shipped directly from Vornado US, it's the latest Vornado model. It's piano finishing is different from the model that's available in Singapore, model 733. Surprised that it really works, circulating the air in the room.
  5. You can actually have the options for either 2 similar materials for top and bottom, or only bottom blind without top, or top translucent and bottom black-out...... For my case, I chose only bottom blind without top as I want full light to come in and only blocking out the view of people on the ground. The blind is made of paper like material....not metal strip.
  6. PM you on the LED contact liao. Which lightings are you referring to? As for the cabinet door, it's Fomica laminate.....
  7. My contractor Alan called me yesterday warning me about bulgaring happening in the vicinity to houses that are still under renovating. Just make sure that u don't store anything valuables in the house if u have not move in......
  8. In my opinion they are good. Couple of my friends used them after me....
  9. Is the Vornado fan really circulate the air, especially this few weeks where the weather is so hot? Is the transformer still working well? Thanks.
  10. Sorry...just cleared some of my messages. Can u PM me again? Thanks.