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  1. Found it already. Thanks. But since I gotten my PP before 15th Dec 2018, I think imda copif 2018 is not applicable to me. Still have to do certification.. sian
  2. Bro, do you have a link to the document which state that? Can't seem to find it. Thanks
  3. Hi guys, Understand that for rebuild, need to get licensed contractor to connect from meter compartment to the house DB closet. What should be reasonable charge for that? Anyone got contact for that? Saw a quote which is close to 1k after GST which I thought was quite high. Thanks
  4. Hm.. I am afraid your question is too technical for me. I am rather hands off and leave the supervision of the piling and structure work to my architect. I know a lot of horror stories about architect colluding with builders, but I trust that he is professional and he is a principal from a decent size firm. For pre and post con cctv, the quoation I got is 800 per survey. If demolition and piling increase the chances of damaging the sewer, then its definitely good to do it. The repair cost of the sewer is 3K+.
  5. I think its too low relative to the new floor finish. The site is already sloping down on the IC side and they would need to top up to ensure that it levels with the rest of the house. Good point on the pre con CCTV. Should have gotten it done. Architect initially suggest but somehow didn't propose to do it before actually construction start.
  6. I was told that no matter what existing IC needs to be altered its too low compare to the new floor level. This repair and alteration will cost 6k and its unexpected and not inside my contract
  7. The proposal was actually done up by the plumber. So the latest update I get is each house is only allowed 1 connection to the main sewer line. So have to fix the broken connection and reuse it. So the remaining cost effective solution for me is not to build another new IC, but expand on the existing IC so both me and my neighbour can use it. The plumber still have to study if this is feasible.
  8. Hi, I am now stuck in similar situation. I am rebuilding a semi detached and My neighboring unit is sharing IC with me and the IC is located at my wet kitchen. After few exchanges between builder and architect, these are the proposal. 1) Since neighbour is using existing IC, no demolition. Only extension/alteration of existing IC so as not to disrupt the existing flow 2) Sewer line from main sewer to existing IC is broken to some repair work is required. 3) Building new IC (outside kitchen) is still advisable for easier mainenance and due to the fact that sewer line is broken (???) My questions are: 1) Do I really need a new IC if I am extending the existing IC? This will help me to save some cost. Since this IC cannot be removed and will be located in my wet kitchen, I might as well make full use of it. 2) Do I even need to extend the existing IC? Can I just let neighbour use the existing IC and I build a new IC and maintain a separate sewer system from them. If I do that I don't even need to repair the damaged sewer line? Thanks,
  9. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I am thinking of making 1 trip, either to xiamen or guangzhou to view the marbles. I intend to get tiles here in SG, but if there's so much savings and tiles are of better quality in China, i might take a second look. Can I know if you actually imported the marble back to SGP? I was told by one builder that marbles from China may have issue though he didn't specifically say what was the issue. And also if you have done the dry lay there, do you have to stay there till the marble is dry laid and shipped out? Please briefly describe the process after marble selection? Thanks!
  10. Hi all, Anyone has positive or negative experience to share regarding importing marble from china? There are listings in alibaba which show a good range of marble selection at an attractive price, eg. Carrara marble for 50-100usd per square meter. This is almost 1/2 of the price compare to the local supplier like hafary, so I am thinking of importing from there. Any feedback is welcomed. Thanks, Imzz
  11. So for my case, adding in the built in space (covered area) and the attic terrace, the builders are all asking for 350psf . This excludes ID work and carpentry. Translating to your gfa i.e excluding terrace area, it will be 380-390 psf.
  12. I am referring to the former i.e terrace at the attic. Yes I agree it shouldn't be in the GFA, your architecture did the right thing. I just went through the tender exercise, what I can say is the feeling I get is all the builders are not just looking at individual items. All came back very high and at about the same price. So they are all looking at the GFA and pricing the tender that way. The individual items varies so much across builders but yet final tender price can get within +-50k. So if you are not careful about how you mark your GFA you are just giving them a chance to mark it up. Thats the feeling I get.
  13. Hi Snoozee, Thanks for reply. Actually I was referring to the outdoor terrace area at the attic, not an additional floor. It is outdoor, unsheltered. Initially when I talk to other architect/contractor, they told me the outdoor terrace at attic is not covered so usually psf price is based on built in area only.
  14. Hi, Would appreciate if anyone can tell me for sure if roof terrace of a landed house is included in GFA calculation. My architect included the roof terrace area as GFA and it push up the GFA of my house. So now the problem is every builder quote base on GFA, plus minus a bit depends on finishes. I tried to look through the URA handbook but it's mostly for condos/strata units, so couldnt find anything relevant for landed property. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  15. yeah, 2 fan coil. One higher HP and the other lower.
  16. Haha sure. Called them up to ask. So end up the price you see at coolserve is for compressor and unit. The aircon trunking cost as much as the system itself. For my targetted area of 800 sqfeet, cassette will be about 8k with installation. Ducted will cost at least 15k with installation
  17. I see. i was told the cost is substantially higher but wasn't told the absolute amount. 2k actually not a lot of difference. Then i guess the cost comes in the form of ducting installation?
  18. I did take a look at coolserve, but those doesnt look like the ducted aircon unit? I have seem some that have very long strip of opening and are downward facing.
  19. Hi all, I see that nowadays a lot of houses have ducted aircon for living room. The alternative is of course the good old cassette aircon, efficient and reliable. Can I know what is the estimated price difference (including the output and the compressor unit) if I were to install it in living + dinning area of about 1000 sqft? Thanks, Imzz
  20. Still at design stage, so no pic yet. Yes I do think that non-glass is cheaper because glass lift is heavier and require a bigger motor. But I have some design constraints, so a glass lift actually makes the place look bigger. Still considering..
  21. Hi folks, In the process of designing a new house and we have decided to put in a lift. My architect designed a lift with a glass shaft and so far the quotation for the lift alone came back at about 60k. Some helpful bros in this forum has recommended me their lift vendors but the quotation is fairly high as well. Does anyone installed lift with glass shaft before or has any lift vendors to recommend? Please share with me your experience? I am hoping to bring the cost of lift down to 50k ish. Thanks! Imzz
  22. Hi snooze, yeah very lucky for me. One good architect advise me to buy SIP plan during option period and for me, if there's a manhole and sewer, I may choose to give up the option fee.
  23. Hi AWS, Thanks for the useful info I have bought the SIP and thankfully no sewer line or man hole within my vicinity. Wow, didn't know I need to buy so many plans. I have yet to engage architect so I guess I will get them after I firm up on my selection. I have PM you, please check your inbox Thanks