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  1. Really ah? I always thought storage heater uses much more heat because it heats up the whole cylinder. So if you don't finish using the whole cylinder when you bathe, some of the energy is wasted. Should be the other way around rite? one bath using instant heater (15 mins) uses much less energy than 1 bath using storage heater.
  2. thanks guys for all the replies! thot it was only me...
  3. I bought a Joven instant water heater. Supposed to be mid-range, not that cheap kind. But after using, realised that when I first switch on it will be very hot such that i have to move away. then after that the temperature will drop a bit before stablising. Do you guys experience this kind of sudden heat increase with your instant water heaters too? My previous home had the tank heating storage heater type, so didn't experience this before.
  4. this is dumb but all i want to buy is a hairdryer. confirm got, but dunno whether worth the squeeze.
  5. Goh AB is near heartland mall... I don't have the exact address but you can surf yellowpages.com.sg Not sure whether they sell turbo too, but trader, so should have.
  6. hi vermillion, I've been following yr other blog for a while... sent u a few posts before remember? quite heart pain for you... poor thing leh, so many trials and tribulations. but now your home DOES look nice, even with some little things outstanding. you can be proud that you were so involved in the whole process. It looks very Designer. guess if you had started with Ho Bee in the first place then wun have so many problems... but no point going into the 'what ifs'. anyway, i always like to say that 'whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. where did you buy yr string curtains from? if not from china? can PM place and price if not conv to share here? looking for gd quality ones too. btw, the purple curtains separate the kitchen from the dining area is it??
  7. thanks for the tip! you bought wall fan, as in those that you mount on the wall? I'm thinking of the standing one, like one whole fan standing by itself. roughly how much did each of your fans cost?
  8. har har, might as well get the cool mist type right? thinking of 16" enough liao... room not that big oso.
  9. Yah, dun get tower fan. good to see, lousy to use. for sleeping, ceiling fan is the best. our ceiling fan macham aircon! shiok. mistral brand is much cheaper than kdk actually. but k*ng T*i doesn't carry it. thinking of buying from them, since got free delivery too. but they never return my call on kdk price yet. cheh.
  10. mine is squaretile. what's yours wee? have you all added people? I approved someone called "ahgong".... hmmm.... sent in request for nah and not liao.
  11. that's great... my hubby not keen on vacuuming, willing to magic klean all the way.... cannot lah, so much hair. thanks!
  12. Wee, i oso dun mind. esp on those very boring days.
  13. Hi! Anyone bought vacuum cleaner recently? Can share if the Phillips FC 8716 is good? Main benefit to me is that it doesn't require dustbags (just a plastic jug-like holder than you can take out and wash) and has strong suction power. apparently uses some 'cyclone' technology which means that as the dust cup fills, suction power doesn't reduce, unlike other bagless VC. 2000W power with 400W suction (i think). And very 'advanced' looking VC head with side brushes. also not too bulky / heavy. Other brands considering are the Karcher (also bagless, but suction prob not as powerful since dustcup is small and doesn't use same technology). any vacuum cleaner advice appreciated.
  14. yah we went best denki and the salesman said that kdk helps panasonic to make their fans now, so design very familiar. almost the same look, totally same functions, but kdk sells their model for $30-50 more. both made in malaysia. thinking of getting kdk without remote control, cos dun really need.