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  1. I stuck a 14W T5 behind my lcd tv using industrial strength double sided tape. Cant remember the cost - but it was cheap. In the region of $10+ or $20+ for the set. So far so good!
  2. Sounds scammish to me.... What was the result on this one? Hope things turned out fine...
  3. I'm also thinking of getting some lighting from JB. I've not tried searching it myself yet, but I heard that Taman Molek and Johor Jaya area has alot of such shops.
  4. I'm interested in this too.... wonder if anyone here has done this before?
  5. Awesome post! We just bought an inter-terrace with a very retro looking swing gate. Was thinking of changing it to chengai + iron bi-fold version with electrical auto-gate... now, lets say hat i want my side wall to have chengai to match the gate. Question is that do i get the contractor to do it, or the gate people (since i want them to match)?
  6. Wow! That looks nice! Can yiu please PM me the contact? I'm thinking of changing the colour of my bathroom and kitchen tiles too!