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  1. I mean ur mbr toilet.. I like the black feature too..
  2. Np.. But sometimes spend a little more to do ur dream home is worth it in the long run.. What u wan is the feel when u step into ur own house.. I see alot of ppl doing reno at 1st it look nice but after 2nd look 3rd look the feel is not there already.. Just my 2 cents Nice 3D toilet btw the only sad thing i can't reno is my toilet due to budget constraint & my new hdb toilet tiles can't hack off also..
  3. So how neoby did u go to my fb album which I posted on ur message about my brick walls?
  4. JX83

    Hi maybe u wan to have a look at my house to have more idea.. Photos not in order.. Let me know if u have any comments.. My brick wall bottom near the tv console is not done yet as my wife is pregnant and all reno have to be put on hold.. This is my FB album u can have a look.. :)


  5. Ic i will check studio 1961.. Thanks
  6. How much is the Eames coffee table ah and size of it?
  7. JX83

    Fabric Cloths

    Thanks folwer.. Ya I know should go back to the shop itself but I am currently low in budget.. So hopefully I could find some place that can do customize based on the cover size..
  8. JX83

    Fabric Cloths

    But u know any place that can customize the cushion cover at a cheap price? I need to take out to wash but do not have spare ones on hand..
  9. JX83

    Fabric Cloths

    Guess not many ppl using fabric sofa here..
  10. Hi anyone got any place to recommend me that can customize sofa cushion fabric cover which is cheap? Because somehow I wan to wash my current cushion cover and I don have spare at the moment..
  11. Oh ya only bad thing is can cook 10 wings only but good for us couples la..
  12. Hi stephie.. So far me and wife find it not dry.. We tried using chicken wings which my mother-in-law marrinated for us few days back is good.. No oil needed.. what we are surprise is my wife said that when her mom fried the chicken wings sometimes there is still blood stain inside.. But we use this fryer no stain of blood inside
  13. JX83


    Ic.. I bought mine at slumberland suntec city..
  14. JX83


    Hi I am a user of temp smart 1200 plus.. The 1 u bought is it with the horse hair or actually is the one u bought us the 1600? U might be mistaken on the different series.. The 1 I bought is $1698 selling retail but I got it cheaper and with more freebies due to someone I know is working inside reason I bought this is because I prefer a softer mattress compare to other brands..
  15. Respect to u ah.. DIY master.. Btw can I roughly know whats the measurement which u have bought for ur shelving in the storeroom? But $400 seems exp ah what type of material is it made of?
  16. Yup the new blks.. I am one of them that moves in already.. Not really ah I guess ur place the view also not bad hope can see ur Reno finish soon
  17. Quite bad shape from the photo but hope u don mind me saying this.. Actually if u were to pay $390-750 I rather u pay abit more for a new sofa and of course not from Ikea anymore..
  18. Hi Matrox seems that I live quite near ur place too.. Hope got chance to see ur flat when is ready.. I live at havelock road those new flats too.. my in laws live more nearer to u bukit merah view there..
  19. Btw Defelio so far I really like the whole concept and design of ur house.. I am really eager to see ur toilet too.. Will continue camping for more..
  20. Ya I like the cement screed wall which is raw.. Haha.. I have got a friend who done cement screed wall on his toilet and it look very nice too..
  21. Haha then u should get a deeper 1 actually.. Slowly u notice no matter how careful u wash, water will somehow splash outside.. Even mine 250mm also will splash out a bit ah..
  22. Defelio just to check with u the white tiles paint which u bought is it water proof? Seems exp ah $80+ because somehow my toilet tiles also similar to u green in colour and wish to paint it to white too..
  23. I jus bought from best denki at $329 around a week ago.. Reason I wan my kitchen to be oil free and main thing eat healthy as i never install hood in the kitchen.. So far had tried guo tie, French fries, hotdogs.. So far so good nv use any oil yet lol.. Cleaning part still ok la if u are not really fussy.. Will try out more food..
  24. Very nice ur kitchen too.. But ur sink not very deep ah from the pic shown.. I prefer the 250mm sink the deepest i suppose as water will splash more or less during washing time..