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  1. Hi there fmlgg, sure thing. The laminate is called Hermes Marcello Walnut (CODE: WY5217D) from Lamitak. Glad you like it!
  2. Guys, sorry I've been inactive on renotalk due to work and family commitments! Apologies for the late response ya. Hope everyone is doing fine! neojytan - actually most of the research on cement screed flooring was done online. In a nutshell, the cons of using cement screed are as follows: - may need to reapply sealant to the cement surface every now and then to protect flooring, otherwise it may become powdery - heard that it becomes like a sheet of ice if it comes into contact with water, so it may pose some safety issues - cracks can develop quite easily on the surface (may not a good look to some) - very hard surface (then again, which flooring isn't hard) I would not recommend it being used in your kitchen especially if you prepare food regularly. The surface may become powdery over time and you certainly don't want specks of cement in your food. It's better if you use it along your living room wall. I've seen it used in that way to great effect. We got our Edison light bulb from taobao, I think it costs something like $10 plus after shipping (could be more now). We haven't had the need to paint on it so far. Anyway here is the taobao link: http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=16529682382 Thank you Freb! Oh cool haha. Which blk are you at? So have you found any viable solution for the windows? We've decided to just leave it alone - some visitors have actually complimented our windows! Spent about $60k plus for reno and another $30k for furniture and fittings. Ouch
  3. Thanks MissFudge =) Our contractor actually helped us get the doors, but I believe it's from these people: http://www.swingslide.com.sg/ Hi Melanie, thank you for your very kind comment! We love black frames too and had to have it no matter the cost. Track lights are a great idea, especially if you have nice art or sculptures to throw the light beams on. Gotta be careful though because if you don't position the lights properly, the space can end up looking a bit dark cos the lights are not spread out. Better to use track lights as a supplement rather than a primary light source. Believe it or not, we were on a 'budget' also, albeit a slightly inflated one. Still, it's very possible to do up a reno of your dreams with some careful planning. Good luck! Wow, wrapped even nicer than mine Do you have a picture of it sitting on your sofa? haha - very curious! Hello bert! Some temptations can be given in to, like this one. Lol. Daddy time is still some time away, baby can't respond and play yet. HAHA Thank you Yelena! It does indeed make the sofa pop, but the colours have to be contrasting enough. As for the material, as bianzi mentioned they won't fur, but I wouldn't exactly call it rough too haha. It's definitely not silky smooth to the touch, but that's what makes it sturdy as well. You can toss and throw it around and it'll still be in great condition. Price wise I think it's reasonable as I've seen similar patterns going for $70-80 bucks in retails stores outside. Cheers! Is this the one for your friend? Or you're getting a matching one for the other side of your sofa Hey Freb, the store you recommended is not bad indeed, some very interesting designs there. How long did it take to ship to Singapore?
  4. Mai tu liao, just buy!! Ya but seriously, we felt really poor after paying all our bills too. Each bill was so big - not used to spending on big ticket items but I have to keep telling myself it's all worth it. Of course, have to exercise a bit of financial prudence when budgeting. Decor and furnishing is very impt IMO. It's brings our character in your home!
  5. SPENGUIN - possibly the prettiest cushions around It's been a while since I updated this blog regarding our random purchases, but this particular one deserves mention, not merely because it is from a homegrown independent outfit, but also because IMO they provide the prettiest and ever colourful cushion covers at reasonable prices (I believe there are other soft furnishings that will be added to their range). It's so hard to find good and reasonably priced soft furnishings in Singapore, so if you're a tactile person like I am and love soft furnishings, you have to check them out. Here's introducing SPENGUIN cushions which are put together in Singapore with fabric sourced from overseas. While the product selection is still limited as is the case with all new outfits, what struck me was the quality of the selection. If you're a fan of at least one of the following print patterns: Aztec, Chevron, Nautical, Moroccan, Oriental or Peacock prints, you can be sure to find something you like. Great selection of colours too if I may say so myself!! The colours do pop, so it's best if you throw them onto neutral coloured furniture. To me, the print that really screamed 'PICK ME' was the Moroccan in Sky Blue/Red print which is pictured below. It will pop on any piece of furniture for sure, which is kindda the point isn't it? And so I got it anyway - with free local delivery, why not?? A few short days later, look what arrives in the mail! I was very impressed with the way the cushion cover was packed and wrapped - there's something quite pretty about wrapping packages with twine. Oh yes, I did wish it came with the cushion inserts as well but hey, those are easily available at Metro and Ikea so well, who's complaining. And so here it is proudly displayed on our living room couch. I think the warm lighting that we use in our house doesn't do the product justice. It really stands out in the day, especially with natural lighting. Here's a close up of the SPenguin tag on the cushion cover - anyway, I have no idea what SPenguin stands for (Singapore Penguin? Scandinavian Penguin?) I need to ask the owner sometime! Here's another of my favourite prints available in the store, a half and half of sorts (Mini Chevron Colour Block in Orchid) Ok but seriously, you have to get at least one of these pretty things for your new home. I've provided the website link below for your easy reference. Also, feel free to follow Spenguin on their various social media accounts. www.spenguin.com.sgFB - https://www.facebook.com/spenguinshop Instagram: @spenguinshop
  6. Hi guys, sorry I haven't updated in a while because we have been busy with our newborn daughter!! She was born on 14th September and life has been hectic since. Now that we finally have some sort of schedule planned out for our daughter, I have some spare time to update this blog. Thanks for staying tuned! thanks adrian! We like the hotel feel also, but hopefully it's not TOO much like a hotel otherwise will lose the feel of a cosy home, heh. Here's the link for our dining table as well as selena sink together with the accessories, in that order: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=15293165479 http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a220o.1000855.1998025129.2.nrVjGN&id=21023107851&rn=&acm=03054.1003.1.102023&uuid=RWPbRddm_18WMDLIsMxMCAWcLMooux6gp&abtest=_AB-LR32-PV32_833&scm=1003.1.03054.ITEM_21023107851_102023&pos=2 Paid about $180 to ship the table, and another $60 to ship the sink Not the cheapest but still cheaper than buying from Singapore. Thank you Tabofamily! For the dual taps in the kitchen, you may click the link to the sink provided above. It will be somewhere in the seller's online store. I bought it together with the sink as a package. We got the matte black fan from Chan Huat Lighting down at Balestier (model: Crestar ICOL). As for the wooden blinds, please contact Serene @ 9057 7642. Thanks! Look for Serene at the contact number listed just above. Cheers! pm-ed you!
  7. thanks bro! just cleared my inbox and sent you a PM. Cheers Sure Tricia! Here you go This is for the industrial dining lamp: http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=21021524014 And this is for the trio of wall lamps. Do take note that this product listing also includes the floor lamps and table lamps of the same design. Be sure to choose 壁灯http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=15202397216
  8. Hello Oreo, thanks for following this lil blog and I hope that you've managed to get lots of inspiration not just from this blog, but from the rest of the awesome t-blogs out there too. I have sent you a rough breakdown of our reno costs. I won't be able to give you a detailed breakdown of our reno quote to be fair to our contractor, hope you understand! Good luck on your renos!
  9. Thanks for the kind compliment jarci! We got them at Typo located at Wisma Atria basement. They have quite a lot of nice decor stuff there, do check them out. Cheers
  10. oh man, that's v sian. I wonder why though, it looks like a model that can sell well. PM-ED!
  11. Hi gust, the model is called 'Wrap', but we chose a different colour from that which is pictured below. http://www.cellini.com.sg/html/products_info.php?id=65 Cheers!
  12. hi there daintyflair, you may contact Jimmy at 8571 8531. Will PM you a rough breakdown of our cost. Thanks asmani! The experience that we had with La Cafa (part of Mode Studio group) was a good one in general, maybe cos we met a good salesperson. Goods came on time and as specified. Thanks Dan! As above I will be sending you a rough breakdown instead of a detailed quote. Cheers hey there sharon, we got the sewing machine legs from Second Charm. They can custom paint the legs to your desired colour as well.
  13. Here you go http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HY8GOVU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 don't think I saw the study table pictures leh, can send?
  14. thanks! We only did it because we had to box up the ugly toilet pipes, might as well make use of that space right? We got the letters from typo at Wisma Atria basement near cotton on I think. They've got the large format letters too so be sure to check them out. Anyway, really liking the progress of your reno! Very rustic and has a very warm feel to the whole space
  15. Some randomness for today Here's a random post about some of the stuff lying around our house. Gonna let the pictures do the talking. Cute little tissue roll holder made to resemble a monopoly house with the end of the roll coming up as smoke from a chimney My favourite Campbell mug that was lying around in the warehouse I work in Our polka-dotted tea pot sourced from Bangkok When you're hungry, EAT! - each letter comes separately Art from one of my favourite sketch artists from Penang Lastly, a picture of our guest toilet! The Mr Bean picture actually scared my friend's daughter, short of crying. It does look kindda scary now that one takes a closer look
  16. very nice progress! I absolutely love your custom tv console. rustic and industrial at the same time
  17. Generally yes, since we don't have a fan in there. But let's say we are getting ready to go out and we turn on the aircon in the MBR and then open the WIW sliding doors, then it's ok because the aircon unit is sufficiently powerful enough to cool the entire space. The reason why we have the sliding door separating the MBR from the WIW in the first place is because we want to save electricity at night.
  18. morning muffball! We have 1 large unit for the living room and 3 small units for the study, kid's room and MBR. We did not aircondition the kitchen and walk in wardrobe. Hope that helps, but best to speak to your aircon contractor and he will advise you based on your cooling needs.
  19. Haha thanks bro It was a very huge risk but we're glad it paid off in the end. What was the biggest thing you bought from taobao? The swivel mirror?
  20. oh there's a jingle for SBC? I totally cannot recall that at all. Tried finding on YouTube to no avail. Finding the right ID or Contractor, at the right price, is definitely not easy at all. My heart goes out to you guys. We also interviewed quite a number of IDs before settling on Jimmy, and the process is not an enjoyable one!! But don't lose hope and don't settle if possible. Find someone you have chemistry with and can work with well. That chemistry will come in useful later on during reno when you need to resolve issues. Unfortunately, Jimmy isn't much of an English speaker so that might be tough. Do set up your t-blog, even if it means just posting pictures of your home and not writing anything. Hey, at least there is something to remind your of what you went through when all is said and done. Design wise, my wife and I are just ordinary non-design trained folk with a love for all things beautiful. All you need is intensive research online, and you can replicate some of your favourite themes and designs =) Of course, money will always be a barrier. We wanted to go all out but also realized that sometimes we had to use cheaper quality materials and buy alot of stuff off of taobao or Amazon to replicate the Scandinavian look and design. You'll get there with a bit of creative budgeting. In the meantime, all the best in finding an ID/Contractor!
  21. PICTURE UPDATES CONTINUED - LIVING ROOM / KITCHEN Hi folks, here are some latest pictures of our house in its present state. Like our MBR, it's still relatively undecorated & bare, but that also makes it easier for us to maintain and clean the house. Here's presenting our living room and kitchen: You may ignore the mushy message the wife wrote for me upon my return from reservist training. Pardon a bit of the blurness in the pictures. I have to admit I'm still not quite there when it comes to photography. Still not very comfortable with the bare wall behind the sofa. Urgh. We're supposed to put up some typography art there by pasting wooden/acrylic letters on it, but still have no idea where to get it done! Any ideas or lobangs? Study room - the arrangement of random printouts is stuck on using washi tape. Inspiration from below: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/460000549412665515/
  22. I had major aircon trunking problems too, and ended up rerouting it out in the hallway as well. Could have learnt from my lesson! Oh well, hope the damage wasn't too major?