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  1. hi minty,

    can you tell me what is the off-white laminate that you do on your shoe cabinet?  tks!

    1. kevinea


      Hi minty,

      I'm a silent reader of your t-blog.  nice house you have!  can you remember the name of the off-white laminate that you did on your shoe cabinet? is it lamitak's Dario ramblas or rima ramshackle? it looks like one of them.  I've been trying to find an off-white laminate to match lamitak's corona maple and I see your shoe cabinet!

  2. hurray on starting the renovations!! what an exciting christmas for you i had a few house parties for xmas at my place, feels good to not have to squeeze with the crowds!! next year your turn!! Merry Christmas Mrsjohnb!
  3. congrats mrsjohnB!! can't wait to see more of your house. the moodboard looks great!
  4. Hi, you can reach him at Fuse Concept. His name is Rix.
  5. hi ck1005, the sink was from SaniQuo. price should be $460 hi Asterus, the tv console was custom-built by my ID. price will be dependent on your actual measurement.. we found the price to be reasonable and very similar to what you can buy in furniture stores.
  6. my fridge is actually the smaller of the 2 availabe as i dont have much space in the kitchen too. its just nice for 2 pax.. haha. the glass surface was what attracted us to it, but can attract fingerprints that we need to wipe off.
  7. our screed wall cost below $1.5k, however it would definitely differ if you have a shorter/longer wall. As for the TV mounting, please refer to post #176 and #178 above =)
  8. @kelhy the wall in the living room with the tv is cement screeded
  9. hi johnlowcw, thanks for your comment. i will not be sharing my quotation to be fair to my ID. however have stated that the entire reno cost about $45k.
  10. quite lucky that nowadays there are so many different tiles to choose from. in the beginning i tot all wall tiles came in small squares and are white, cream etc. haha!
  11. hello! the painting is from taobao. it is quite difficult to align the 3 pieces tho. thanks for your kind words! the mirror in the master toilet was custom built by my ID, the other smaller one was from IKEA hi! i am nt sure if there is a brand but i bought this at Takashimaya level 2 (the pots and pans area) its quite handy and will whistle when the water is boiled. i think its not zebra brand. haha probably doesnt have any brand. i got it from taka level 2 and they have it in a few colors that are muted and looks matte. for the fruit flies, they have somewhat disappeared.. at first it was kind of exasperating having to clean them out everyday but we found out from our neighbours that they have had the same issues. i had the hitachi service man come over and there was no issues with the fridge.. he said it was likely to be due to the fact that it was a new neighbourhood and naturally the env was dirty with all the rubbish and construction. he added that once more people moved in the problem would likely go away. and it appears to be so! so its probably not the fridge hehe.
  12. hi Serene, thank you for reading the kitchen wall tiles are from Hafary.
  13. thanks MrsJohnB. you are so kind. i think it feels spacious as we havent had the chance (and money) to buy more furniture to fill the space hehehe! need a while for our pockets to heal. hopefully as we go along, we will have some new additions to spruce it up.
  14. there is a hole behind the tv where u insert the wires, and the wires come through the back of the tv console where there are electrical plugs. does it make sense? im bad at explaining these sort of stuff.
  15. everytime i open your thread, it is a love-hate relationship. because i love the metal gate but i hate how seeing it makes me GIAN. omgggg. i just convinced myself that i shant change the gate, since my friends have alrdy visited and there would only be us appreciating the gate, BUT seeing these pics again, make me consider AGAIN. btw, is it matte? and its aluminium right? so not heavy to open and close i suppose? arghhhhh... the stickers/decal are very cute tho. thanks for sharing the link, maybe can do something for the hdb given modem/switchbox cupboards