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  1. I think it depends on the ID. I have heard of ID that allows their clients to change the details/designs - what happened is, there will be a second contract drawn up at the end of the renovation that details the changes made. If there is any price difference, you either top up or the ID would deduct accordingly from the last payment.
  2. Loving the colours of your place ♡ may I know if you'e added storage space in your platform bed? Thank you.
  3. Basically for all the relocation points. Around 9 points.
  4. I'm being quoted an estimated of 2.6k sgd for 7.5 ft full length craftstone feature wall. Have only checked out LSH for the design so far.
  5. Hi, can anyone advise if my electrical works quoted by the appointed electrician is reasonable? Thank you in advance!
  6. Hi. may I know if the attached quotation from the electrician is considered reasonable? Thank you.