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  1. In considering a builder, try to find one with a tried and tested record. Last year, I was so impressed with the builder that was doing up my neighbour's house. Really diligent and completed his renovations on time. Nice finishings too. But within a few months of moving in, problems kept cropping up--leaking air cons, problematic windows, cracked walls, noisy water pump etc. So it is not only the builder's newly completed houses that you should view but also those that have been built for quite some time.
  2. Thanks for the tip! Will check it out.
  3. Scanteak furniture is very durable. I have a bed frame which has lasted for 20 years, although it now creaks everytime we sleep on it. My sister bought a sofa set from the firm more than fifteen years ago and the wooden frame is still in good condition. However, the firm is unwilling to replace the cushions or cushion covers so you need to look elsewhere for any replacement.
  4. Carpet grass is hard to maintain. The gardener puts some chemicals on the grass; yet manual labour is needed to pull out the weeds and the other types of grass. When the weather is dry, the carpet grass tends to be a bit brown so you need to sprinkle some water. I have not taken any courses so I cannot describe the maintenance process that well:) I think that cow grass is much easier--just grow and forget about it. But carpet grass is softer and has a more comfortable surface to walk on. Do consider yellow palms or sealing wax palms to give you some privacy. As for trees with flowers, you need to be careful where to locate them or the falling leaves and flowers can be a source of irritation for your neighbours.
  5. It is really lovely to have a garden. Trust me, there is no such thing as a low maintenance garden in absolutely terms; it can only be true in relative terms. My husband was very interested in gardening when we first bought our property. He grew carpet grass, repotted the plants and created the racks for the smaller plants. I know how difficult it is to maintain the garden when he lost interest in his hobby. It is left now to my maid, my gardener and me to maintain it. Some hardy flowering plants to consider include heliconias and bougainvillea. Sunflowers and African violets are beautiful but require greater care. My maid and I set apart a small plot for growing vegetables; which I find more gratifying than growing flowers. We have cultivated sweet potato leaves, chillies, limes, kang kong, ladies fingers etc.
  6. There is a contractor who is definitely not LV standard but he is good for down-to-earth, practical renovations. Mr Tan has worked on my neighbour's house since November and the house is nearing completion. There is an attic added to the house and the workmanship is good. He is friendly and willing to accomodate to varying budgets. He is from Tan Chuan Chong builders in Chua Chu Kang.