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  1. Looking to sell a 3 year old 2 seater sofabed which can sleep 2. No stains, no rips or tears - well taken care of. Bought at $700 looking to sell at $100. Dimensions are 150cm x 100cm.
  2. Probably a bit late for you - but I just installed fibre at my place - OpenNet came and installed the Termination Point - if you buy a package from Starhub, the OpenNet installation is free! The other ISPs don't provide this - Singtel is only willing to waive it if you purchase a fibre connection with their crappy Mio TV package!
  3. I wouldn't advise home owners to install LAN cables unless you have walls and floors which are easily removable/collapsible. Cables have a limited shelf life - advisable to change every 5 years - so unless you are willing to rip up your walls every 5 or so years... You need a wifi repeater - you don't even need to spend any money if you have an old wireless router. What you need to do is install a new firmware into your old router - a DD-WRT is good, there is also OPENWRT and Tomato - use this excellent guide with detailed instructions: http://lifehacker.com/how-to-extend-your-wi-fi-network-with-an-old-router-915783308 I have a three storey terrace with a 200Mbps fibre plan - I have an excellent ASUS RT-N66U router which provides great connection and speeds up to the 2nd floor - it can't reach the third floor - so I simply turned one of my old wifi routers into a wireless repeater using the guide above and now I am surfing at 20Mbps on the third floor - 20Mbps is more than enough for anything you want to do outside of downloading torrents and transferring large files over your network - and even then, it's not too bad!
  4. I have a patio/balcony exactly like this one (minus the fish pond and the beautiful decking!) The problem I am having is that I live on the third floor and the mosquitoes and other insects are killing the fun of having such a lovely balcony! Does anyone know of a flyscreen or insect screen I can put to surround my balcony? Does any company do that here?
  5. You can try http://www.yongfongautogate.com - man of few words, but gets the job done!
  6. Glad you got some resolution. The most important thing to remember - try to be nice to your neighbours and hope they reciprocate! Our neighbour also renovated and there were slight cracks appearing on our walls. After contacting our neighbour and talking to their contractor - we agreed for minor touch ups on our side - and on the day they moved back in, we invited them for dinner to celebrate!
  7. Details: * Dimension of cot : 127cm (L), 74cm (W). * Includes a thick foam mattress. * Has 3 adjustable heights. Picture shows the lowest height. * Can convert from baby cot to toddler bed. * Picture shows the two different side panels which you can choose from. I have installed one of each so that you can see the different panels available. * Visible scratches
  8. Anyone know where I can get ladders similar to this in Singapore? I need a 4metre ladder, but only have a small car, so these kind of ladders would be perfect....also great in the store room! Telescopic Ladders
  9. Does anyone know whether there are any shops in Singapore which sell and install fly screens as elegant as these from Australia? http://www.screenit.net.au/ I've called a few shops and they only sell very ugly ones.
  10. I had a similar issue with my 7 year old fridge, thought of repairing it, but then went into Courst one fine day and bought a new one for $800. Unless yours is one of those super-duper ones like the Mistubishis or the Samsungs with the LCD screen! Then just buy a new one.
  11. You can buy ventilation fans, all my bathrooms have one, but of course I ensured they have additional ventilation (either windows or slits in the door) as unless you buy the really powerful ones, mould and mildew will form pretty quickly.
  12. Depends on your luck. I've had horror landlords in the past, gave me decades old furniture, refused to shift them out and when my lease expired, claimed that I had damaged the furniture and demanded full reparations. Of course with a couch bought in the mid-80s or 70s, no one repairs those, so they insisted on new ones! OTH, I've had one ok-ish landlord, gave me older furnishings (fridge, washing machine, TV, TV cabinet, bedroom cabinets) but when I reported they were broken due to age, he replaced them with brand new ones.
  13. I just had my installed today, but it's just a voice one. PM me for the contact, I got a few quotes, his was cheap and good, almost 50% less than the most expensive quote!