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  1. Mmmm... many people holding iPhone nowadays. 100% made in China too. Most things we use today are made in China.
  2. Instant water heater is less energy consuming than a storage heater.
  3. I suggest not to do it. If aircon leak, then problematic. You should consider making one opposite the aircon.
  4. Hi, The 5A light point is likely to be measured in AC. The 1.2A that you have mentioned for LED strip is for DC AC 5A and and DC 5A is a different unit. A 5A lighting point is able to support a load of 1100W (220Vac x 5A) The LED strip for a 10m LED as you have mentioned is 144W (12Vdc x 12A) The point can easily support the load. Not to worry. A typical RGB LED strip that I have seen is consuming about 0.5A per meter when all RGB LED get lighted up. It is always better to use a higher wattage power supply for your LED strips.
  5. $60 for the lamp is enough to buy LED downlight. There are also new energy saving PLC bulbs which cost $8++ each. Instant on, use 4 times less current, generate less heat, lower energy consumption, and longer lifespan. The best part is that they can be use on normal/old PLC lamp holder. It doesn't matter if you have the magnetic ballast inside your lamp housing. The power consumption is lower than conventional PLC lamps. You should see the demo at Havelock Road Blk 22; impressive.
  6. You can try saveOne at Havelock Road Blk 22, or XinLong in Sim Lim Tower.
  7. Wire door bell uses less energy. It is possible that a wireless version uses little energy too. It depends on the circuit design of the product. You can test it easily using a power meter. I never like those battery type of door bell which need battery replacement. Not so Eco friendly, I feel.
  8. All incandescent lamp are dimmable. These includes chandelier/halogen bulbs. They are very energy consuming. You can easily save 800% energy by switching to LED lights or 400% using fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent and LED lights needs their special dimmer in order to dim the lights. There are also new design which allows them to be dim by conventional dimmable but they are more expensive.
  9. I would recommend - saveOne at Havelock Road Blk 22 - or XinLong at Sim Lim Tower.
  10. You can contact - Tay. HP: 9615 5334 Good professional plumber that solved difficult problem for my work office. I will probably not get any other plumber.
  11. I think it is a bit too expensive. You should seek for more alternative quote.
  12. You will need these items for RGB LED strips. - RGB LED strip (about $25/m) - 12V power adaptor (range $12 to $30) - RGB color controller (about S$20) Most color controller supports up to 10m of RGB LED strips. You will need a booster if you need to connect longer than that. 12V power adaptor will depends on the length of your LED strips. A typical RGB strip requires about 12V 0.5A per meter. If you are running 5m RGB LED strip, you will be using 12V 2.5A. So you will need to get a minimum of 12V 3A adaptor. I would recommend a 12V 4A power adaptor or bigger rating. If you have at home a power adaptor 10-13V, you can also use them instead of throwing the adaptor away. Just ensure that the current is enough to power up your LED strips.
  13. You can try visiting saveOne for LED lighting. The price is not so expensive; range from $30 to $70.