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  1. HI ALL SO SO SO Sorry....... I haven been logging in & tat was y I haven seen all the interest u guys have in!!! I will try to find tat flyer or will take the pic & send it to u guys!
  2. Hi All Jus wanna share with you my latest security lock. I wonder can it be found in the shops yet since I got to know this from the flyer in my mailbox! I find it good especially when I travel frequently and since my house is along the corridor. The alarm can be activated or deactivated. When someone happen to break into your house through the window, the alarm will rang. The sound will either notify alert your neighbours or scare off 'that someone'! Interesting Lock!!!
  3. with lousy component they can earn more... n if u wan gd component the lighting shops will ask u to top up $$$. i got my item from i tink should b a supplier who is actually supplying the lights to the lighting shop. i haven ask them for all gd component yet they already told me tat price quoted to me is bundle with branded component. n indeed i bought from them wif a saving of abt 40% compared to the lowest quotation i got from the shops. somemore wat i pay is with all gd stuff where the lowest quotation still haven add in the top up for those gd components. quality should be the same cos after all they r the supplier. so imagine hw much the shops mark up. but of course they hv to mark up to pay rental, salary, commission to id n lastly their profit... well jus in case any one r looking for gd bargain, email to chinsufu@yahoo.com.sg tis is where i found all my gd stuff
  4. hv bought my lighting fixtures fr one who posted in the yahoo auction. they was offering quotation so ask fr them a quote n was so happy to found a gd deal with the same design i like at better price wif better quality in the components. Save me the extra $$$ so i can put it in some other items for my hm!!! Should let u guys noe cos i understand we hv to spend so much to set up a new place!!!
  5. give a try to one posted at yahoo auction. hv request a quote fr them for the items i seem n like n was so happy to get a gd deal with gd price n better quality as in components as we know the designs we choose is the same. Save me alot as i can put the $$$ in other items for the setting of my new hm...