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  1. In my own opinion, I am very much agreed to Jeffwei's explanation. Although HDB does have the same stringent 9am to 5pm time period for contractor to work with, more often than not, contractor will face many more difficult situation and stricter guidelines working in a condo project. Situation like neighbor complaining about the noise and requested management and security to intervene, they will ask contractor to stop work and resolved the issue first. There are even cases whereby due to complaint of the noise, the management asked the contractor to work only from 2pm to 5pm (or a certain short time period only) during weekday only. Each day with only 3 hours, the whole morning/day will be wasted. Hence, longer period of time spent with the same amount of work to be done, the charges will definitely be higher. Another issue is with the submission of relevant documents and renovation deposit required. Some contractor who are not so well educated, they will get others to fill up the forms for a fees, hence a higher cost incurred. And it is sometime quite troublesome with all the documentation needed in comparison to HDB submission, for some management requirement. And with regard to renovation deposit, if the management is reasonable and fair, it is a blessing for the contractor. However, if its otherwise, many a time the contractor will get deducted on their renovation deposit. If contractor asked owner to pay for renovation deposit, owner will hold contractor payment and make deduction if there are any. Which in any way, the contractor after all the hard work, they still must pay from their pocket for unreasonable (not all the time) deduction, if I were the contractor, I would rather not take up the job. With all these issue, many contractor has even avoid condo project. If not they will charged a premium price to do it. Because if situation like the above did happened, at least they can recover a little. Not to mentioned that some even incurred a higher lost when met unreasonable home owners.
  2. Based on the quote, the price seems regular and fair. This is quite the price in the market, unless you are a contractor who gets the contractor price cut. As many has replied, I believe its the quantity that makes up the bulk of your cost. You may want to review it with your contractor? Regards, KLDB
  3. Hi, just wondering if u r looking for a quote for partition wall or brick wall? Because there's quite a difference between the prices.. If the segregation is for say minor activity only, a partition wall would be recommended. But if for resting or doing study, a brick wall would help reduce noise more.

  4. Hi ihuazai, if you're concern only about the noise, how about soundproofing the windows, hence reducing the noise that is coming from outside. Double glazing's main purpose is for energy saving. And the main bulk of the costing of the technology is also for this reason. During cold days, it will help to trap heat in the house to keep it warm. Likewise, on hot days (Like most days in Singapore), it keep the temperature cooling inside the house. The energy saving portion apply when you switch on your air-con in a hot day, it keep the temperature at that specific temperature without taxing on the aircon. It saves on the electrical usage, hence energy saving. I understand some of the developers are going for this awards and hence installing double glazing windows. In fact, to my understanding, in Europe, they have already enforce Triple Glazing as a standard for all housing. =)
  5. Hi laccas, First of all, welcome to Renotalk~ =) Just like to check, for the demolition work, is there anything to be done up after that? Eg. Plastering, Painting, etc. Because usually contractors will quote based on the amount of works you have with them. If you're demolishing alot of items, the charges will be cheaper. Small items work usually will be charged very high due to the transportation cost etc for the effort of that one time travelling. On the side, your flooring protection have to be well protected if you are only demolishing the wall and not including the tiles. =)
  6. Hi Shawncck, I've work with a group of curtain supplier in the past. They are a traditional curtain supplier (with installation) who deals mainly with neighborhood residences and has more than 30yrs of history. Though I'm not sure if they deals with places outside Jurong East Estate. Of course, due to their low overhead, their prices are also very reasonable with great varieties. Their son, who is an interior designer, is quite enthusiastic in the curtain work and gives good suggestion to complement your surrounding environment. Together with his parent's good craftsmanship, it definitely comes in good quality in both material and aesthetic~ If you're interested, do PM me. You can check out the price from him direct. =)
  7. Hmmm.. I believe double glazing window has recently just started to heat up. However, in Europe, the standard is already at triple glazing. How long is the length of your corridor windows? I happened to know of a company who specialized in glass work. The company is quite well known in Europe and have taken up quite a number of projects here in Singapore. You might want to try your luck with them? In addition, I heard that they are starting a production line to bring in a new product to Singapore, which they call it the "Switchable Glass", whereby this glass is using power supply to control its visibility just like our LRT where it can be opaque or totally transparent with a control of a switch. I'm not sure about the price thought but no harm giving them a call. Do PM me for their contact if you intend to look for them. =)
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