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  1. hi I around 20k-25k budget to do up my flat and is it possible? :- SHOULD BE ARD THIS PRICING BASED ON WAT YOU HAVE MENTIONED COZ MY FRIEND RECENTLY JUST ENGAGED A GUY TO RENOVATE THEIR 3 ROOM FLAT TOO . :- IF I DID NOT REMEMBER WRONGLY THEY ARE SPENDING ARD $ 23000 or $ 24000 OR LESSER . :- HEARD THAT THIS GUY IS VERY EXPERIENCE & FAST IN EVERYTHING from DETAIL PAPERWORK TO EXECUTION OF WORK . NO HARM CHECK OUT THIS GUY . i was thinking of not changing the kitchen floor tiles as the owner seldom cook and its well maintained. but spoke to a few ids one of them told me that if to hack the existing kitchen cabinet and installing the glass door might hurt some of the existing tiles :- MIGHT BE . can anyone hlep me on this ? :- I TRY CHECK OUT HIS NAME & CONTACT NO FOR YOU .
  2. hi you may try this guy & his name is called ivor chong at 9271 2517 . i have spoken few words with him before but not too familiar coz my friend use him for office & f&b project all the while . I have seen his few designs done up at takashimaya b2 food court few years ago . I know him thru my friend's coz their several f&b outlets was using him . try calling him & check out . good luck ya ...
  3. hi you may try this guy called ivor chong at 9271 2517 ( hp ) ... his design senses are pretty special & friendly to talk to ... regards