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  1. kindly send me the list at heynsl@hotmail.com. thanks.
  2. yup... planning to stay for at least 20yrs and then sell off... by that time will still have about 60yrs left. hope the pricing will still be almost the same...
  3. location is a very impt concern for me as my kids will be going to Anderson Primary School as well my wife wants somewhere near to market.
  4. hmm... thanks for all your advice. this made me to reconsider again... the cost for maintenance is pretty high at $380/mth... not sure if the sinking fund is sufficent for the major upgrading or painting... will have to check again.
  5. Hi, due to expanded family size i had decided to upgrade from my current 3-room condo. i am looking at a 99yrs cluster house which is more than 15yrs old (remaining lease of about 80yrs). the condition is ok, just need a little renovation and can move in. as this is my first time looking at cluster house, can anyone advise me on whether this is a good buy apart from the normal landed terrance house which is too exp and also require major renovation.
  6. Urgently looking for a part time cleaner to clean my condo unit at yio chu kang area (near to AMK) once or twice during weekday for min. 4hrs. Any recommendation please sms me at 9616668one. Thanks.
  7. Good luck... Usually those high profile ones or advertise a lot one or looks very pro ones are those who out to earn easy money... Rem marketing brings biz
  8. my experience.... i met him once to consult for my house and he is very $$$ minded, give unclear solution and never bother to explain and get frustrated when i want to ask more. never use him again so to those who think his reputation is well known is good then good luck to you.... in the end, i am lucky to have a friend to intro me to another FSM who is unknown to many (spread by mouth)... so far so good...
  9. hi, kindly pm me a good plumber as my toilet tap is leaking... urgent!
  10. hi, can anyone recommend me a good and reliable direct capentry company to replace my existing wardrobe (built by developer) which had given way couple of days ago only after 6 years of usage? thanks.
  11. For buying LED lights... Take note of the following (my opinion); - Remember to go for those lights with good LED lamp (chipset) brand such as CREE, EPISTAR, SAMSUNG, Nichia, Osram, Philips etc. - Try not to get those china made cheapo LED chipset where the LED lights will only last a fraction of what they claimed... - Driver is also important and try not to get the integrated type because if either the LED lamp or driver spoils, you will have to replace the whole light... as much as possible, get the separate driver type of LED lights. - When choosing a LED downlight, also take note of its light distribution angle in order to suit your needs... some give very narrow and some give a wide angle distribution Recently I just done the replacement of the following; - my bedroom PLC downlights to 12W LED downlights - my kitchen PLC downlights to 20W LED downlights - Balcony hanging PLC lights to 2x8W LED ceiling light Regards.
  12. hi, my 5 yrs old Samsung washing machine is giving me problems and since the warranty is expired therefore I am considering to get a new one. i had shortlisted some washing machine and hope anyone who had used them before to comment and recommend me which one to get... - LG (Model : F1422TD) - Samsung (Model : WF752) - Panasonic (Model : NA-148VG3) - Hitachi (Model : BD-W80MV)
  13. Want to sell off my Brand New BELKIN N600DB Wireless Dual-Band Modem/Router which I bought couple of days ago from BEST Connections. Reason being that I had bought the device wrongly. The device is for ADSL input while mine is cable modem so cannot be used eventually which is an overlook on my part. The device is brand new and never use before hence willing to let go at an discount. My loss is your gain! Purchased Price: $179 Willing to let go at $150 nett (i had receipt to proof my purchase) Refer to the link for its specifications; http://www.belkin.com/sg/networking/...eless-routers/ Genuine taker kindly pm me.