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  1. I also got a Bosch washer-cum-dryer. Lasted no more than 4 years. Halfway into the second tenancy, it broke down and due to the expensive repair costs (a few hundred dollars), I decided to buy an Electrolux as replacement instead. In contrast, my Miele washer at another apartment is going through the 2nd extended tenancy. Touch wood, it will stay that way. I believe it should be about 5 years now. Also, if any of you are buying a GE fridge (those 2 doors side-by-side), you may want to reconsider. I am now using my 3rd GE fridge. The first 2 broke down and had to be discarded. Believe they did not last more than 7 years each. Fridge should last a longer time, no?
  2. I bought the package offer which comes with (1) Bridge, (2) three hue bulbs and (3) a Bloom light. I think it was $299. I then bought 5 extra hue bulbs at $49 each.
  3. I have 5 KDK ceiling fans installed in my house. 2 of them are the old school non-remote control kind. These are fine and have been going strong for many years. The other 3 are the remote control type. All the remote control type have developed what I suspect are, PCB problems. The remote doesn't work anymore and it is stuck at the lowest power mode. I will have to get them repaired soon.
  4. I went to the Philips Carnival over the weekend and bought a Philips hue system. Anyone here using it? Basically, it allows you to (1) remotely turn your lights on/off, (2) remotely change the colour of your lights, (3) remotely control the dimming function of your lights. It integrates with Apple HomeKit and therefore you can even use Siri to control your light. You can also control the lights in your home remotely whilst you are away from home. Of course there are additional functions to automate your home e.g. you can program it to turn on certain lights when you reach home after a designated time (and it will detect via your phone that you have reached home and those lights will come on). Best thing is, there is no additional wiring. For this to work, you need to have an internet connection and wifi at home as it taps into your existing wifi network to control the lights. The Philips Bridge (generation 2) is the controller for all your hue lights. It can control up to 50 individual hue lights. The hue lights are LED lights that come in various shapes and sizes which you can either screw in or plug into your lighting point. Each hue light has its own built-in wifi which will be controlled by the Bridge via your home's wifi. No expensive re-wiring or installing expensive dimmer switches all over the house. It works right out of the box and I installed them myself ..... no need for electrician, etc. So far, having fun experimenting with them. Its a whole new world of experience for me to be able to change the lighting colour and dim the lights in whichever area of my house that I have chosen to locate the hue bulbs and doing it using Siri. BTW, I do not work for Philips nor am I selling this product. I am just an enthusiastic first-time user.
  5. I believe the brand in Australia is Coolaroo. There is also a Singapore company (Advance Canvas Industries) doing something similar. I will call them to provide sun shade solution for me.
  6. Hi there, Can you plse let me have your email address and phone number? I would like to enquire about renovation for 2 toilets. Thanks!