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  1. Hi, care to quote me KDk ceiling fan with remote? Check if the V56(silver) comes in 52 inches?
  2. Hi, yes, i signed it on the 31st. Your ID didnt tell you about the impending GST thingy?
  3. I didn't get to choose any. Bought re-sale instead.
  4. Nice! This was the unit that I actually wanted to get. But my queue was so far back!!! Haha. Congrats!!! Amazing unit. I'm sure you will love every minute of it.
  5. Anyone with any pictures to share on their workmanship? They are one of my shortlisted IDs. But seems like their price is higher than other IDs.(at least for my case)
  6. Hi, are those pipes going to be exposed?
  7. Oops, sorry, contra is both using HDB loans. Both HDB loans then no need to do any staggering. Im using bank loan for my purchase so i staggered a 3 week buffer.
  8. Its ok, we do have aome IDs in mid. Just dunno which one to commit to. Yeah, agents should know better when they arrange the appointments. It also depends if you are taking HDB or bank loans. Generally if sell and buy using HDB loans, then the staggering would not be required. I may be wrong, but that was what I was told.
  9. Hi cartoon, we staggered our 1st appointments for both flats(sell and buy) by 3 weeks. So we will attend the 1st appt for our buying flat 3 weeks after attending the 1st appt for our selling flat. The 3 weeks is for HDB to release the CPF monies back to our account to be used for the buying flat. We do have a mutual agreement with the buyers of my flat for 2 months extension. However, just to play safe, we may try to nego with the sellers of the flat we buying to let us have the keys early to start our reno, since they seldom stay at the place now. Buying and selling really not easy, praying the whole process will be smooth. We sold our place cos we needed a bigger unit. Next headache is the ID selection. Haha.
  10. Hi, a question, you sure can put extension in the OTP? (as in black and white?) Tot HDB do not encourage such practises and any extension is a mutual agreement between sellers/buyers and no black and white involved. Im also in the midst of a contra sale.