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  1. Selling away my under utilise ps3 due to work commitment. Hence letting it go with a bundle of games at a cheap price. My loss, your gain. Set comes with 1 x standard original controller 1 x Ac cable games GTA V Nino kuni (RPG) Beyond 2 souls Batman Arkham asylum Metal gear solid Tomb raider Alone in the dark Looking at $300 for everything. Self collect at my area in Yishun. Weekday after 730pm, weekend after 10am. Price is fixed. Interested party can sms/whatsapp me at 9-489-5842
  2. Hi Ivy, I would like to get good and bad fsm list from you. Kindly sent it to my email soh****ty@yahoo.com.sg. Much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Been staying for almost 2 year in my new home. I have both LED and PLC type of downlight on my L-box. Been using my LED downlight only. Recently notice that some of my PLC downlight is flickering, it is a dual bulb kind and one of the bulb is blown. Initially i thought its as simple as bulb blow, but after changing to the new ones, also cannot work. I doubt there is any warranty as i bought it from a distributor. So i thought of removing the whole set but it seems a bit difficult for me to remove. Thus, the thought of changing those PLC to LED comes to my mind if removing is such a hassle, might as well change it? This is the type of downlight i have, image is grab from the net So, what should i do? How do i remove this PLC light? And should i change it to LED instead? Please advice
  4. Hi all, Clearing some new items in seal otherwise stated. Daniel craig James bond trilogy(casino royale, quantum of solace and skyfall) bluray collection - S$50neg (brand new and sealed) Pacific rim 3D (comes with 3d bluray, bluray, dvd and digital copy) - S$50neg (brand new and sealed) Game genie for ps3 - SOLD! Engenius 9850 and D-Link 615 router - Each S$50, take both $90 (brand new and sealed) Gotten it as extra but happily using my current router. Self collection at my area in Yishun, or between Bishan mrt to Yishun mrt during weekdays on specific timing only. Price is negotiable but low ballers will be ignored Whatsapp/SMS me @ 9-489 58-42 for more info Spring cleaning, thus, my lost, your gain. Cheers
  5. Selling a brand new Panasonic bluray player BD 75. It was a extra set from friends during my house warming. More specs and info can be found here Asking price is $120neg Selling bluray boxset collectibles. Mission impossible part I, II and III boxset - $90neg Batman 1 & 2 (Batman begin and dark night) boxset - $70neg All bluray either watch once or use for testing only. If buying bluray player and bluray disc together combo A Bluray player + Mission impossible boxset - $200 combo B Bluray player + Batman 1 & 2 boxset - $180 combo c Bluray player + (mission impossible + Batman) boxset - $250 Price is always neg as long as reasonable Self collect at Yishun area for weekdays after 730pm and weekend after 9am. Interested bros or sis please drop me a PM for inquiries, or sms/whatsapp me at 9-489-five eight four two for direct deal Happy holiday TIA
  6. Hi all, Needed some advise and solutions for some spidey issue and some unknown insect issue. Spider issue Just move in to my new HDB flat for around 3mth+. Yesterday, my wife told me that there is spider web in one of the ceiling corner along the short walkway from living room to MBR. It was kind of scary because everyday walk in walk out also never notice. After "terminating" that spider, i take my torchlight and scan every corner in my house. At least 90% of the ceiling corners in my living and bed rooms have spider webs with at least one spider "residing". So the whole night yesterday was tissues and termination of spiders Any idea what could be the causes for these spider to form their web and reside at the corners? And what sort of solution that i can DIY or purchase it easily to lessen the chances of spiders "occupying" my corner? Unknown super tiny insect issue I dont even know how to describe how tiny it is, maybe the size of 2 fullstops.. So far only spot it at my MBR laminated platform. Not sure if its bed bugs because so far me and wife haven experience itchy-ness or bite marks on our new mattress, but wont eliminate this bed bug possibility. First spotted roaming around my hp, because i leave my hp on the floor for charging, then subsequent nights, spotted it when i try to scan around the platform with torchlight. No trails at all. As it is a laminated platform, what are the chances that this insect infested beneath the platform? I have no way to check it and if really so suey they do infest beneath my platform, how to terminate it myself? Spraying bygone on laminated flooring or on wall will help? And will the bygone cause any "side chemical effects" on walls (become yellowish) or laminates flooring (sip thru and mark the laminates)? Please advise and Thank you very much
  7. Hi all, Can PM me the list of FSM as well? Thanks
  8. Everything in inside as in, laying of 60 x 60cm homogenous tiles. But the absurd part is materials like cements, chemical adhesive to stick tiles is in, just that the sand is not. I didnt want to argue much because i got schedule to meet to move in, and didnt want to end up he doing a crap job for my reno. Im at a loss for words now. Once my reno is done, i will see if there is a need to reveal the company and ID details.
  9. I'll be straightforward. Details can be provided later. I took up a reno package from a "reputable" reno firm. The package includes homogenous tiles. Hoping to get my facts right before i starts pointing finger. Laying of homogenous tiles i assume that sand is required? And who is supposed to provide the sand? The ID or some random person or who? Reason for saying is because the sand is provided by the haulage guy instead of my ID thru a fee. Im a newbie here can any old bird or ID/Contractor advise and explain to me?
  10. I call HDB, the one in charge for my area, he says haulage fees is $600 I read some blogs and that guy mention haulage fees is less then $300 nia So emo. My ID worse, quoted me $1k.
  11. soh****ty@yahoo.com.sg

    Your lobang for LED is from...taiwan?

  12. Hehe, sure, Marcus, intro by cck couple. Hopefully can get good deal from him.
  13. I dont have any idea which hob and hood to go for yet. Can suggest afew affordable ones? For heritage, bacera and city gas, are their price competitive, slightly ex or slightly below the market? can share your experience there albert bro?
  14. up for you, looking for one hard and affordable ones too