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  1. Hi guys, just got a quotation for my new bto at punggol from direct kitchen top factory. was quoted $98 per foot for india black galaxy and $150 for caesarstone grey color quartz. which is better choice as we hardly do any heavy cooking. thanks.
  2. Hi Guys, been looking around to revamp my resale house kitchen, but seems like the job is too small for most contractor/ID. The house came with a leaking sink on a wooden laminated kitchen top, and the leakage causes the wood to rot. Went thru some contractor and id on replacement for my kitchen top, but was instantly upselling me to change all the kitchen cabinet. But the current cabinet is still in good condition and i am on a tight budget(houses are **** expensive). finally found a factory in sungei kadut which help to revamp my current kitchen top. They are a granite kitchen top factory supplying to contractprs and IDs. They ( www.revampkitchentop.com ) remove my old sink, change a layer of solid wood, install new granite top(black galaxy) and install my new sink to solve my problem. For those who need the contact, do PM me.
  3. i can pm you the contact of direct factory for granite kitchen top.
  4. hi taichipanda , are you selling quartz? am looking for contacts
  5. got my from a factory in kranji, you can call the salesperson at 90699052. quite cheap and not bad.
  6. got my kitchen renovated recently by factory contact for carpentry and granite top. hack away my rotted cabinet and kitchen top. you can call the factory sales at 90699052. forgotten the sales name. cheaper than the market rates.
  7. got my from my kitchen renovated from direct factory. can call 90699052, forgotten the sales person name. they supply to contractors for carpentry and kitchen top.
  8. hi, my is normal glass, as my supplier told me till date no big issue with normal glass and heat. you can call my supplier at 90699052, forget his name liao..
  9. Hi, share a direct factory contact for all granite and marble top for kitchen and bay window.

    marc 90699052. can call for quote. they are cheaper coz they are direct factory supplying to contractor / ID

  10. hi, there is missing items such as kitchen top etc. careful of hidden extra charges
  11. hi, just to share direct factory contact for granite and marble kitchen top.

    cheaper then all contractor and ID.

    90699052 Marc

  12. Hi Ashley, i got a direct factory for all granite/marble kitchen top and toilet top.

    you can call 90699052 Marc for quotes with contractor prices.