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  1. Hi Vanessa Hi^5! My future hse is along hg ave8. Urs? The date to collect keys is still far away but m lookin fwd to the first appt nxt wk Btw, many many gd luck to u in ur hm Reno. Hope to c more pics soon :>
  2. Hihi Nice Reno btw, Did u do any Reno to lvl2?
  3. I tink its a gen1 EM, the living hall is connected to the balcony. Yupz thks, i hope my contractor can do a gd job once i get the keys hee. btw, my EM is at Hougang. Still prefer hougang since i hav stayed there for 4yrs after my weddin. I used to b an East gal but started to like HG nw haha Lookin fwd to more pics at ur site
  4. Hi Spikedoll Im a silent reader of ur blog. heehee. very nice kitchen!! muz b v very costly coz made of glass. i oso like ur glass panel concept at the MBR. will continue to monitor ur blog ;D Throughout all my hse viewings, i hav nvr seen such units b4. i juz bought an EM after searching for ~5mths (like finally!hee) and my current one has a WIW linked to MBR toilet but its very very cramp and OLD, so I was tinkin of hackin BR2&3 and try to link the WIW fr toilet to the BR. im still googling ard for more ideas which is unfriendly to my pocket..
  5. Hi everyone Like to check if anyone has converted BR2 & 3 together along wif the common toilet and also did a WIW in their room. Trying to figure out how it can b done as I didn't engage an ID. Pls advise TIA
  6. Hi Thanks for the contact. Btw im sorry abt mindy. haha i misread it. njoy ur new home cheers~ ;D
  7. Hi there Im planning to start my reno very soon. Do u mind sharing the cost of the glass panels for the 2nd level as well as for the balcony doors? I dont seem to read that as i browsed thru the thread . thks in adv btw hope mindy gets beta soon
  8. Hi Spikedoll Im lookin @Hougang/Serangoon/Tampines area.. Hav also included Yishun as the houses r much cheaper thou COV is still high. Haiz. Juz hope to find my 'dreamhouse' soon Saw fr the other thread tat u r lookin for EM in West as well. All the best
  9. Hi all Thought I could share a piece of good news here! my hse is finally SOLD. Hapi but then here comes another worry.. I will b homeless until I purchase a resale flat. The listings my agent gav wasnt pleasing n I wonder who came out wif COV.. many homeowners r askin for min 50k COV for a 5rm HDB. omg!! tis is atrocious man.. is tis amount usual?
  10. hi may.. thks for the reply.. I'm tryin to sell off my condo then buy a resale Hdb . yup I read fr yahoo tat the cov actually came dwn but we actually still met Hm owners who r asking for 90k cov located at serangoon, walkin dist to nexx but then the hse is reali dirty n old n may require 100% renov. tats bad!! hi plastic.. my unit is located in the NE line, near mrt. gt offer but mayb they wana hold it first. everytime the viewers came to view my hse, they hav gd feedback but somehw no luck yet. btw u r lucky,, managed to sell ur Hdb on the first day.. hw I wish I can sell mine b4 June ( tat will b 6mths ) arrives haha nvm I hav gt another agent fr DWG, hope she can help me sell my hse asap.. can't wait to start off my 2nd hse Renov )))
  11. Hi everyone It has been >3 months and my house is still unsold. Is the resale mkt slow now? There are many viewers who came to view my house and so far the response is not too bad BUT still nobody purchase it. Becoz of my unit unsold, I have stopped visitin my dream houses as well as I find it pointless. My agent from CBRE has agreed tat we can find another agent and buy/sell the house at the same time. Understand that buyin a house involves a huge sum of $$ but I noe of cases whose houses were sold less than 3mths. Wonder if my agent is not experienced enough or the mkt is not doing well haha.
  12. yup.. i oso dun agree wet = useless. i totally love her loft unit. mayb she can do a retractable shelter for the open roof? dunoe if it can be done thou. but 1 bad ting abt open terrace is hav to clean the area well esp after rain. everytime the rain ended, my open terrace is extremely dirty. if dun clean in time, there will be stain n these stains very hard to clear off. im lookin fwd to her hse reno pics.. sure turn out very nice
  13. haha thks for all the feedback.. hope can sell & buy my hse in these few wks!! ;D
  14. wah so many criteria to look in for.. the lady owner nt the v frenly type.. when we came to view, she juz sat there wif her Macbook n do her own stuffs. I viewed the other units, the owners r very frenly.. didnt noe lookin for resale flat so troublesome.. haizz
  15. hi gimz yup.. had selected afew more units to view since my current hse oso haven sell yet.. so i actually hav time to c c look look. but compared wif the rest of the units i hav shortlisted, tis unit wif divorce case is the most likable one due to its cityview n its v windy. well hopefully the nxt unit im viewin is oso v windy hahaa
  16. wah tat sounds scary.. anyway if i do buy tat unit, i will also get a FS master.. play safe beta. hee sorry dun mind if i ask tis qns.. hav ur fren shifted out of tat unit?
  17. hi all thanks for the input. hmm im actually quite a 'ban-tang' person. dunoe mayb izit the fengshui for tat unit not good tats y they divorce haha but anyway im gg for the 2nd viewing for another unit. since the couple r still in the midst of doing the paperwork, i guess will take some time for everytin to be settled so i might as well visit more units b4 makin a final choice. thks once again
  18. Hi guys!! Im a newbie. I have a question to ask here. Im actually lookin around for a resale HDB. Went viewing yesterday and i liked tis house. everytin was good but the only ting which bothers me is coz the couple are in the midst of filing for divorce. will u guys still go ahead and purchase the hse?