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  1. Wowwww! This is going to be exciting.. I love your concept - an open Industrial Loft. Feel so good to see all the walls demolished! I love the concrete wall panels. It's gonna look great and industrial. Can't wait for the completion! Happy renovating and shopping. Gonna park at ur blog. =P
  2. Hi Kelhy, Thanks for the compliment I bought my chair from OM, it was about S$180++ after their opening discount. It was initially priced S$200++. (Toys not included. lol) Not sure if they still carry this range, gotta check. Good luck in ur furniture search ;D
  3. Hotstuff for home For the keys hand towel
  4. Hi Shampoo, my wife did the shopping of furnitures. If I remember correctly, it should be one of the shop at 3rd floor IMM (forget the name). Good luck in ur furniture hunting. Cheers
  5. Welcome to my home! His favourite spot Trying to come down Down!
  6. The key word is trying! He is very docile and timid dog, hahahah.
  7. Start off a day with Straits Time The living room that keeps me living