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  1. all colour pvc soft closing and blum ah.
  2. it not feature wall all display cabinet 5 room full house everything flooring dont have grill mirror ceiling everything ba 33k
  3. can be hack not bold. try again. what fire reason LOL resales flat ?
  4. then door way will have a higher kerb .. it ok anyway. =)
  5. that is the price id did not chop u =)
  6. don't anyhow say.... wardrobe see if it is aluminium sliding or what.... ask b4 u anyhow shot lol... 4.8k electrical might be high.. painting.. see what color he wants or some special this or design how to compare.? =)
  7. so bro get the id to see the spoil parts... if u still hold on to some cash... then u have the chance if not good luck 2nd way let it dry for 2 weeks.... ask for internal laminate more protection =)
  8. it is very simple dont have to talk much and the money is in ur hand what can they do? 2nd ask them to repair whatever need to be done or u shall not pay them and report to police then shot to CASE
  9. no point pursue the matter bro...... if u did once and keep drop out get the contractor to dig abit more deeper and refill it will help it because dust or whatever =)
  10. contractor u find or ur ID? if ID he/she will bear then will cut contractor pay.... flood = lol.... there is a valve to shut ur house inlet water if there is someone who willing to bear and pay or repair try forgive nothing is 100% there is error best is anyone willing to admit then u decide .